One Piece Chapter 948 – Kawamatsu The Kappa

The Return Of The Nine Red Scabbards + Luffy

Despite Kawamatsu the Kappa finally being revealed in all his Kappa glory, the most shocking aspect of the chapter for me was the revelation that Kiko is a man. I didn’t expect that. I probably should have given that the Nine Red Scabbards are a group composed of all males but the fact that Kiko was intentionally illustrated as a female led me believe that Kiko was one. You got me Oda-sensei, what a good twist. Additionally Kiko looks super dangerous and cool with that mask.

Kawamatsu is finally free and the hype around his legendary status surviving on only poisonous fish is about to be revealed. I am excited to see what Kawamatsu is able to do and how he stacks up against the remaining force in the Prisoner Mines. The members of the Nine Red Scabbards present in the Prisoner Mines have the opportunity to rekindle the hope within the prisoners broken down by beatings, starvation and sheer despair. Raizou, Kiko, Kawamatsu and Hyougoro are now able to inspire the prisoners to act towards their freedom rather than continue to force themselves to snuff out their hope out of fear of having their last remnants of light blocked out by the terror that is Kaidou.

The broken spirit of Wano Kuni

In order to truly liberate Wano Kuni, the heart of the people need to be reached and the people themselves need to make the decision to be freed from the shackles of Orochi and Kaidou. Without the assistance of the people, the Wano rebellion has no chance at succeeding in saving the nation. Wano Kuni was pillaged, ravaged and perverted for twenty years by corrupted minds but with the dawn of Toki’s prophecy about to come to pass, the time of miracles is upon the despaired and with enough belief and action, the dreams each citizen feared to dream has a chance of manifesting into reality before them. Freedom. It is within reach.

Once again the Beast Pirates have underestimated Luffy and as a result they will suffer extensively because of that. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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