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One Piece Chapter 947 – Big Mom’s Rampage

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Luffy only has himself to blame for his current situation but fortunately it turned out working out for him

Does Queen have that much fate in the Prisoner Mines facilities to hold all the Prisoners kept within after it has been rampaged through by Big Mom? The gates through the mines have been destroyed, many cells have been left shattered leaving the prisoners within free to access the outside, and let’s not forget that Monkey D. Luffy is now not bound by any shackles or sea stone chains. Sure the Udon may have it’s back up gates but with Luffy and many other prisoners free, it seems apparent that Queen has grossly underestimated Luffy. Or it could just be that Big Mom terrified Queen so deeply that Queen could think of nothing else but trying to contain the monster that is Big Mom before she awakens.

Big Mom is a force of nature. Unrelenting. Untempered. Unrestrained. Big Mom exceeds any logic. Whatever direction her rage is pointed, sheer destruction awaits. Luffy stood no chance against Big Mom in his current state but it is promising that even with Big Mom raging, Luffy was able to survive an attack from her and able to evade her subsequent attacks as he ran through the entirety of the Prisoner Mines. With more control over his Haki, Luffy should be able to at least defend himself against Yonko attacks. With further training after that, he should be able to launch attacks on Yonko-calibre foes that cause damage.

Queen was fortunate that Big Mom was hungry and exhausted by her rage while chasing Luffy. The psychological effects of regaining her memory could have also played a part in mentally tiring her out which led to her current unconscious self once Queen head butted her in the head. If Linlin was in her optimum state, she would be almost impossible to deal with. I don’t see Queen facing off against Linlin again so if he is going to be defeated in this arc, it will occur really soon.


Queen must have expected this but I guess his terror toward Big Mom deafened any other concerns he may have had

I do want to say that events worked out too conveniently for Luffy with Linlin destroying the Prison Mines and Queen eventually leaving the Prison with Linlin to Onigashima but you can bet that there is more to Queen and Linlin’s removal from the Prison than merely getting them out to avoid Luffy having to face them to escape. Onishima is an eventual destination for the Straw Hat Pirates and the current events could be setting up the dilemma bound to happen at that point in time. Looking forward to the next chapter and the inevitable prison break.

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