One Piece Chapter 944 – Kid And Killer

One Piece chapter 944 - Killer's tears

To have been reduced to such a state, how agonizing it must for Killer

To think that Kamazou was Killer. I did not consider that in the slightest but given Kamazou’s bandaged body and face, it makes sense that it was a character already introduced but to think that the logical, cool-headed Killer was broken down into a crazed headhunter who has no issue with chasing down a defenseless girl and woman and cutting them down. The psychological damage done to Killer must have been seriously deep for him to reach a point where he agreed to commit such acts. Was Killer blackmailed into such a state with the false promise of returning his emotions back him or with the safety of the other Kid pirates? Whatever has happened, Killer has been cursed with the side effects of the SMILE Devil Fruit and his tears at the end of the chapter convey exactly how destroyed he is at what has been done to him.

Kid intentionally got caught once he identified Killer being transported by the Beast Pirates to the prisoner mines. Kid threw away his chance at freedom to find out what had happened to his crew member and friend. Whatever divide existed between Luffy and Kid has now been filled with the hatred Kid has for the Beast Pirates and whatever feelings Kid had for stopping himself from allying with Luffy has now been overwhelmed by his desire to stop the Beast Pirates and make them pay. It has not been revealed what happened to the rest of Kid’s crew but given Killer’s tears when asked by his Captain, I fear that the rest of the Kid’s crew members have either been killed or are in a state similar to Killer’s or worse.

One Piece chapter 944 - Kyoshiro defends Orochi

What is your game Kyoshiro? Is this some elaborate plot to help bring the Kouzuki clan back into power?

Turning to the Flower Capital, with Orochi’s recent display of cowardice and the growing presence of the rebellion, it appears that his hold over the rest of the people is waning and the fear used to cement their actions is finally giving way to the desire for change. The people already know the poison Orochi represents to Wano Kuni but have been unable to do anything due to Kaido supporting him. There is a limit to everything though, even fear. With Tonoyasu’s final message and the loss of his life, the people who respected him have begun to question their lack of action and with the Straw Hat Pirates standing up against Orochi, the people witnessing such an act have started to believe and hope.

Kyoshiro has me incredibly intrigued, I don’t believe he is following Orochi because of his undying faith in Orochi, instead I feel Orochi is a means to an end for Kyoshiro whose motives extends beyond what we currently are aware of. Focus on Hiyori as Kyoshiro appears to defend Orochi suggest to me that Hiyori is aware or at least has some idea of Kyoshiro’s situation. I still believe that Kyoshiro assisted in faking Hiyori’s death as Komurasaki and whatever he is doing now is attributing to keeping his guise as the Shogun’s guard dog intact. The way he responded to Zoro makes me believe even more that keeping his image as the Shogun’s guard dog is of paramount importance. Save for his actions towards Komourasaki when Orochi was targeting Toko and her, everything else Kyoshiro has done has been too tailored towards impressing Orochi and gaining his favour almost as if he was buttering Orochi up so that when he makes him move no one would be there to doubt or suspect him. Will be interesting to see if Hyougoro has any idea about what Kyoshiro is planning.

One Piece chapter 944 - The Straw Hat Pirates VS the Wano Kuni army

Their actions will spark the flames within each Wano Kuno citizen desiring change

Queen has begun to get annoying with his overconfidence in the Beast Pirates ability which why I am excited to see Linlin appearing when she did. Queen is correct in believing that the Beast Pirates hold the power advantage but what he fails to realise is how other elements beyond strength comes into play when determining how a situation unravels. Queen cannot see how fragile the nation of Wano Kuni is and how on edge every single citizen has become by the actions of Orochi and the Beast Pirates. Furthermore, Queen is oblivious to the resourceful of the Straw Hat Pirates who have now led Linlin to the Prisoner Mines in a state of hunger and borderline rage. Linlin will likely recall her anger towards Luffy when she encounters him but as long as she goes berserk in the prisoner mines, that is enough to assist Raizou and Co. with their jailbreak plans.

Regarding the side-effects of the SMILE fruits, with so many characters and innocents being cursed by it, I am beginning to wonder if a cure or remedy will be made in the near future. Chopper and Law are brilliant doctors but I wonder if they are truly capable of performing such a feat without Caesar Clown. Caesar who expanded on Vegapunk’s research, created the SMILEs, so he may have a way to remedy the side-effects from the victims but unfortunately he is currently unavailable, unless of course he was captured by a faction who would make an appearance later in this arc i.e. the Germa 66. Which makes me wonder, could Judge assist with the cure? Could Vegapunk? Given that Caesar, Judge or Vegapunk are no where near Wano Kuni, it seems unlikely at the moment for them to assist with the cure. The other possibility is a third party revealing themselves with the information necessary for Chopper and Law to develop a cure? One of the characters we know who worked closely with Caesar and potentially understood what he was doing is Monet. Now the last time we saw her, her heart cube was attacked by Caesar but as I mentioned before in a different post, there is some ambiguity in whether Caesar’s attack was fatal given the way Oda-sensei set-up the panel post-attack. I don’t believe Monet died there. I also don’t see Monet willing traveling to Wano Kuni but what if someone who knew about the plights of Wano Kuni and those affected by the SMILE side-effects brought Monet to Wano Kuni? Say for example, Kuzan. He went to Punk Hazard for a reason and he is a character who would definitely want to help those innocents cursed with the SMILE Fruit side-effects. Well whatever happens, I am very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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