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One Piece Chapter 938 – Kouzuki Hiyori


One Piece chapter 938 - Kozuki Hiyori

I am very curious to find out how Hiyori faked her death as Komurasaki

We finally get confirmation that Komurasaki is Hiyori! Even though it appeared that Kyoshiro slashed her and ultimately killed her, that performance was merely an act to fool those present in order to create am opportunity to escape in. I am also glad that Zoro is the first Straw Hat to meet Hiyori as Hiyori (not as Hiyori hidden behind her Komurasaki persona), which is what I expressed I wanted to happen several chapters ago (chapter 927) given Zoro’s overall importance within this arc as a Swordsman.

When Hiyori was first introduced as Komurasaki, she was introduced as a seemingly malicious character whom inflicted torment onto others, but as I mentioned at that time, there was likely a reason behind her actions, one tied closely to bringing justice to Orochi and those that assisted in the deaths of her parents. Hiyori was likely only targeting those that deserved to be tormented. In addition to that, playing a role also helped shield perspective as to who she really is. For her to survive for 20 years within an environment that hungered for the Kozuki clan to cease to exist, Hiyori had to bury herself and embrace her Komurasaki persona. Now, given Hiyori’s relationship with Toko, her dialog to Orochi and her interaction with Zoro in this chapter, it goes with certainty that Hiyori is a sincere and kind-hearted individual. There is no way she is stringing along Zoro with that earnest smile, clumsy yet tender heart, and unbridled honesty. Hiyori has found herself placing her trust in Zoro which is why she has revealed to him her secret, one sensitive enough to result in her death if learned by the wrong people.

One Piece chapter 938 - Kozuki Hiyori reveals herself to Zoro

Will Zoro tell Hiyori about Momonosuke and their plans?

With the connection between Momonosuke established, will Zoro reciprocate Hiyori’s honesty with what he knows? Will Zoro tell her that Momonosuke is in Wano Kuni and that they are part of a rebellion intent on liberating the throne from Orochi’s corruption, deceit and never-ending greed? I see no reason for why Zoro would withhold such information when the one he is conveying it to IS the younger sister of Momonosuke – Komurasaki was not lying when told Zoro she is Kozuki Hiyori. Zoro is great judge of character and has kind heart, so I fully expect him to share what he knows with Hiyori, ultimately bringing her into the fold of the Wano Kuni rebellion. Hiyori embodies the spirit of the Samurai and through Zoro, who embodies the same spirit, I expect that essence to be expressed to the people crushed by the misery, pain and suffering endured during the past 20 years. The pride and honour of the Samurai will rejuvenate the hopes and smiles of the oppressed much like how Ryuma ushered in an age of pride for Wano Kuni when the Wano Kuni Samurai carried the wills of the nation. Hiyori’s ultimate goal is to save Wano Kuni from Orochi and Kaidou and as foretold by Lady Toki, that time is now.

Law’s crew being captured was surprise but as Law mentioned, they would die before revealing any information about the rebellions plans to attack Onigashima Island. I am curious to see if the Heart Pirates are taken to prison where Luffy is or if a third-party, like Kid, ends up attacking the Beast Pirates/Orochi’s lackey’s. Those Heart Pirate members have a role to play so it would be interesting seeing them group up with another relevant third-party where they can help influence additional individuals/factions to stand against Orochi and Kaidou. In any case, all the allies and Straw Hat members are slowly gathering additional allies in their battle against Orochi, Kaidou and the corruption strangling Wano Kuni.

One Piece chapter 938 - The ongoing within Wano Kuni

When exactly will the Big Mom Pirates come into play?

With Orochi now aware of the rebellions plans and the call to gather loyal followers of the Kozuki clan together, he has taken action to seize any individuals associated with such a crime. It hasn’t been revealed how Orochi ended up with knowledge of such information but he knows about the rebellions plans now which could indicate an inside man posing as a rebellion member but loyal to Orochi. The rebellions plans will have to adjust but with so many pieces at play how will the different groups across Wano Kuni coordinate together to act on a new plan? Or will it be through sheer coincidence that the groups end up at the right place at the right time? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 938 – Kouzuki Hiyori

  1. you know, I’m going out on a limb and saying that I think Hiyori will gain feelings for zoro later. I mean, if that’s the case, then all the monster trio members will have a girl in their lives who love them (luffy and hancock, sanji and pudding, zoro and Hiyori). also, you could call it Zori (note: Neptune foreshadowed it long ago, lol.) all 3 have similarities: luffy and hancock: a burn scar on their body, and 3 siblings. sanji and pudding: abused and horrible parents and sibblings. zoro and Hiyori: unknown for know, but they are green haired, (hiyori has green teal hair).

    also, Hiyori to me has some similarities to the tales of Kushinada-hime. in the story, Kushinada was a princess and her parents were an elderly couple (toki and oden) and they both were killed by the creature Yamata no Orochi (Orochi kurozumi). and orochi had a strong desire to make Kushinada-hime his. also, a brave samurai warrior fought and killed Orochi, named Susanno’o. and from that, Kushinada and susanno’o married. Hiyori is a princess, and is hunted by Orichi, possibly meaning a thing with zoro and HIyori, but we’ll see.

    • I would very much love to see Zoro and Hiyori develop a close relationship. Romance isn’t a focus within One Piece, so we won’t get much focus on the love between the two but as long as there is some shared feelings between the two, I would very much appreciate that. There is Perona who spent a lot of time with Zoro but their relationship is one of friendship. And yeah, I would LOVE it if Zoro is the one to defeat Orochi.

      Plus with Sanji, I would also add that Viola has feelings for Sanji, being the man who helped her from a very dark place. Viola saw the true nature of Sanji and accepted him completely. Sanji in turn understood the pain behind Viola’s eyes when she was torturing him.

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