One Piece Chapter 936 – Battle For Survival

One Piece chapter 936 - Luffy

Somehow I don’t think Queen is going to play “fair”

So there was a deeper relevance to the Sumo battle Luffy fought earlier in the arc against Urashima. To think that Luffy defeating Urashima will become a plot point at such a critical moment. The Beast Pirates don’t realise it yet but they are currently in the ring with the contestant whom defeated the Wano Kuni Sumo champion. The Haoshoku Haki was only an appetizer before Luffy displays his true Sumo prowess. Both the Beast Pirates and the prisoners will come to understand who Monkey D. Luffy is.

Luffy will get to unwind during this battle but as long as he has that shackle around his neck, he cannot escape the Beast Pirates. Fortunately the key Raizou stole that he assumed unlocked Luffy’s handcuffs will likely be revealed, unexpectedly of course, to be the key to the neck shackle currently binding Luffy. Raizou will now need to find a way to release Kawamatsu and as many prisoners as he can. The key Raizou has could also be for Kawamatsu’s cell. But if it is not, once chaos has taken over the prison, Raizou will have a moment to try out the key in his possession on the shackle binding Luffy’s neck.

One Piece chapter 936 - Hawkins and Drake react to Stealth Black

Those two are obviously fans!

Nami’s happiness punch is definitely dangerous with its 100% critical rating. I wonder if Nami even realises its power or maybe she knows exactly the damage it can cause which is why she baited Hawkins into such a scenario. Either way, one can’t criticize Nami for not using the “tools” at her disposal, whether it be Lola’s vivre card, Zeus, or the “steaminess” of the hot spring. It even felled a seasoned warrior like Stealth Black. And speaking of Stealth Black, he actually went and did it, he did what he said he was going to do. Bless his perverted “well-intentioned” soul. Thanks to that perverse nature of Sanji’s, he was ironically fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Him being there allowed the Straw Hat Pirares plus ally to escape the Headliner’s without capture. Curiously, Hawkins and Drake, whom are from North Blue, appear to be fans of the Germa 66 comics and in particular, the Stealth Black character. Their reaction didn’t leave any room to argue otherwise. How exactly is this going to play out further in the arc? I have no freaking idea and I love it. I love how a completely unexpected development of Sanji being Stealth Black is turning into such an influential plot point. I also love how Sanji’s random O-soba Mask title is only adding to the dramatic effect of characters reacting to Stealth Black’s existence.

One Piece chapter 936 - Zoro VS Weapons Collector

The Weapons Collector doesn’t seem so bad but I am very curious about his story

Zoro has encountered a wild Wano Kuni Weapon Collector whom has taken his blade, Shusui, and placed it back by Ryuma’s grave(?). Unbeknownst to the Weapon Collector, Ryuma, reanimated through Brook’s shadow, had passed on his blade to Zoro out of respect and approval. Ryuma approved of Zoro as a worthy swordsman to wield his blade. None of the Wano Kuni residents know this and because Ryuma’s corpse and blade was stolen in the past, when they see Zoro with Shusui, they presume that Zoro acquired the blade through theft. They have no idea that what happened could actually happen i.e. reanimating a corpse. Zoro will likely win the respect of the Weapon Collector after displaying how much of the Samurai spirit he embodies. Rather than have the Weapon Collector defeated, the Weapon Collector will ally with the Straw Hat Pirates and provide his weapons to the rebellion against Orochi and Kaidou. If Zoro is going to get new blades within this arc, I can see him proving that he is worthy to wield Shusui but leaving it in Wano Kuni given its national treasure status.

Very excited to see Luffy unleash in the Sumo challenge and whether Queen will activate the neck shackle once he realises that Luffy isn’t going to be easily defeated. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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