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One Piece Chapter 934 – The Past Is Not Forgotten

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The different regions of Wano Kuni being separated by a river is very interesting

I can’t put my finger on it but something insanely massive is going to go down soon that should have been impossible and I am not talking about Kaidou being defeated because that was never impossible but rather just a matter of time. The build up seems too awkward to not have something happen to shake everything up. The Yonko need to really get how particular Luffy is and why he has made it this far into the New World without having to sacrifice his ideals and beliefs. The qualities that Luffy embodies is what made Whitebeard leave the New Age to the future generation. Will Kaidou and Big Mom see in Luffy what Shanks and Whitebeard saw?

Luffy’s time in prison has been building up to something and now with the Hyougoro the Flower, the previous Flower Capital gang boss, being revealed, something definitely is bound to happen and it won’t be anything forgettable. Queen has arrived with Luffy unleashing on the prison wardens. Will Queen torture Luffy or will Queen propose a challenge to Luffy which from Queen’s perspective would serve to break a person’s spirit? Luffy will eventually escape from the prison but before that can happen, he needs to deal with the Beast Pirates and now with Kid out the focus, something big will need to happen to open up an opportunity for Luffy to take advantage of. Will he inspire a rebellion from the mine prisoners? Will the mysterious bone spitter be the key in assisting Luffy? Oda-sensei has expressed through the other Straw Hat Pirates that Luffy will find a way to escape on his own. Based on that, we can presume that none of the Straw Hat Pirates will be coming to Luffy’s rescue save for Jinbe finding his way there.

What an curious development, how exactly will Kid come into play this arc?

It is interesting that Kid escaped but with his current situation in Wano Kuni where he is alone, what does he plan to do to escape and/or get his revenge on Kaidou? Has Kaidou forced Kid’s crew to work with the Beast Pirates? And if this is the case, how does Kid plan on rescuing his crew when he has already been beaten by Kaidou once before. Will Killer convince Kid to ally with the Luffy and Law?

Robin is such a badass. Her ability for reconnaissance is unbelievable and yet she still believes she could have acquired more information in this situation especially in regards to the Road Poneglyph. There was a slight humorous tone in her disappointment which heightened her statement to borderline bragging. Robin has acquired the necessary information they require to assist with their assault on Onigashima which is likely where the Road Poneglyph she seeks is also located. The other Poneglyphs Brook mentioned also interest me as I am curious as to the stones contents. Hopefully those Poneglyphs are revisited and we have more information regarding the Void Century and/or the history of Wano Kuni revealed. Wano Kuni is directly relevant to the Void Century given the Poneglyphs they produce which contain the history of the race(s) the World Government intends to erase. There must be something hidden deep within Wano Kuni’s past to explain why the nation took it upon themselves to keep the voice of Ancient Civilization alive and go through painstaking lengths to keep the Poneglyph making process alive through the generations.

She is humorously bragging and that is awesome

Very excited to see how the different regions of Wano Kuni will come into play and if the differing climate in each region will be of any focus.

The crew Kaidou and Linlin were a part of will definitely come into play this arc, especially considering that both are relevant within this arc and it has been positioned towards heading into the direction where Big Mom and Kaidou engage in conflict. What I am most curious about with the former crew Kaidou and Linlin were a part of is who else was part of the crew? For such a significant crew that existed before Roger became Pirate King and when Garp wasn’t considered the hero of the Marines yet, who led the crew and what other beasts existed within? What kind of person was the one who managed to get Kaidou and Linlin to follow them and work together? This person interest me. I wonder if “Bone Spitter” is the offspring of the Beast who managed to gain the respect of Kaidou and Linlin.

Looking forward to the next chapter and learning about Kyoshiro’s true self and the intentions of Komurasaki given that there is 100% she is alive. Sorry Oda-sensei but I’m not buying the ‘Kyoshiro killing enemy of Orochi because or Samurai mercy’ excuse. Kyoshiro did what he had to do to assist Komurasaki in the impossible situation she found herself in. We may get the reveal immediately but Kyoshiro is not the Straw Hat Pirates enemy and Komuraski is Hiyori who is fighting for the country her parents gave their lives for and for the future of Wano Kuni. Zoro and Komurasaki will likely meet at some point soon and what Komurasaki will see in Zoro is a past cruelly sealed away by the fears individuals hopefully consumed by the insecurities of their selves.

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