One Piece Chapter 933 – The Coy In Kyoshiro

One Piece chapter 933 - Kyoshiro cuts Komurasaki

I don’t know, that seems too well set-up…

First things first, Komurasaki is not dead. It may appear as if she was killed by Kyoshiro but as we know in One Piece, appearances can be grossly misleading. The exchange Kyoshiro and Komurasaki shared was unquestionably suspicious as if set-up for a moment just like this where they can use their fake identities to fool those around them. Kyoshiro may have stated that he was showing Komurasaki mercy as a Samurai but that was an excuse to detract suspicion away from himself. The current events illustrating Komurasaki being slashed and subsequently killed are all an act. Whether it is through a Devil Fruit or just great acting, Kyoshiro did not kill Komurasaki.

The subsequent reaction of Kyoshiro once he discovered the secret message Robin/Nami had dropped was very intriguing. I don’t believe either Kyoshiro or Komurasaki are aware of the rebellions plans and their current movements, all they are aware of is the prophecy Toki proclaimed 20 years ago pertaining to the current time when Orochi will get what’s coming to him. If I am correct and Kyoshiro and Komurasaki are hiding themselves amongst Orochi’s man, it could also mean that the rebellion aren’t aware of Kyoshiro and Komurasaki’s plans. With Kyoshiro now aware of the Rebellion after having read the secret message, he may be able to reveal his true self to Straw Hat Pirates or at the very least seek them out. First though, he has to escape with Komurasaki and dodge any onlookers to prevent them getting suspicious of him and his motives. Fortunately the Castle has been attacked and electrocuted by Nami which could give him some time to escape with Komurasaki. Kyoshiro and Komurasaki may now even help the Straw Hat Pirates escape if they believe the Straw Hat Pirates have come to fight Orochi.

What’s obvious is that Oda-sensei is not going to kill off Komurasaki after he has spent 4 chapters building her up and defining her as a presence capable of standing up against Orochi, something Wano Kuni desperately needs especially if the nation seeks to heal once Orochi is disposed of. The build up given to Komarusaki has a purpose and is not merely destined for propping up a plot twist. Oda-sensei has more planned for Komurasaki which the readers will get to see once he able to reveal who she really is i.e. Hiyori. Kyoshiro being just a bad guy and Komurasaki being just a courtesan with pride doesn’t leave the story ready for a big development but Hiyori and Kyoshiro working together to bring about Toki’s prophecy, that gets the readers more interested and invested in these character stories as well as develop a character whom we can root for as the embodiment of Wano Kuni.

One Piece chapter 933 - Robin's demonic arts

More of this please!

I didn’t realise it before but it is somewhat fitting that Robin is seen using Demonic Arts when she has been labelled as the “Devil Child” by the World Government. Her borderline ninjitsu and devilcraft has spooked the Oniwabanshu into believing that Robin is an avatar of evil. This is further enhanced by Brook’s spirit appearance. Like Orochi, the Oniwabanshu are sensitive to the supernatural and wholeheartedly believe in the realm beyond. This fear could be exploited during a later encounter within the story to assist the Straw Hat Pirates in eventually overcoming Orochi.

Big Mom may not inherently be evil but she is just one tantrum away from turning into an unstoppable destructive wave as shown during the Whole Cake Island Arc. As childish and borderline inoffensive she may appear, her lack of realization between actions and the harm it can cause to others makes it extremely dangerous for her to act freely. Her personality at its core is unrelenting. Although unlike before when proper guidance beyond treating Linlin as a weapon was in short supply, she has Chopper, Momonosuke, Tama, Kiku and Tsuru now. Linlin’s memory lost has opened up the possibility of changing her reaction to negative outcomes. Guidance toward how to behave can assist Linlin in redesigning how she reacts to a situation. Anger and destruction could be turned into an emotion less ‘final’. I am very curious to see where Oda-sensei is heading with Linlin. Surely the events that transpired which developed a seething hatred within Big Mom for Luffy cannot just be minimised into the background. The consequences of Luffy’s actions must play out. I understand that Linlin can be used against Kaidou but once Kaidou is defeated, I expect Linlin to regain her memories and hatred towards Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Very much looking forward to the consequential result in Orochi’s castle and whether Komurasaki is Hiyori. I believe she is but I have been hopelessly wrong before. Komurasaki seems like a really important character to be just a courtesan and nothing more.

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