One Piece Chapter 932 – A Leaf Hiding In The Forest

Komurasaki defends Toko against Orochi

Komurasaki IS Hiyori, the daughter of Oden and Toki and the younger sister of Momonosuke. Komurasaki isn’t merely just a courtesan, she has set her plans in motions for this moment when the prophecy her mother expressed 20 years ago would come about, where Orochi would be defeated and Wano Kuni liberated from his suffocating strangle. And I believe it is not just Komurasaki putting on an act but Kyoshiro as well.

Komurasaki’s apparent previous heartless deeds are contradicted by her actions this chapter where she directly went against Orochi and to protect her Kamuro, Toko. Komurasaki slapped Orochi to defend Toko and expressly stated her stance on the situation where in order to protect Toko, she was ready to go against Orochi. Komurasaki even refused to apologize for what she did and stated that she will bow to no one. This chapter makes it clear that Komurasaki wasn’t just getting close to Orochi to become his wife but because of another reason that is currently unrevealed. Given the likelihood that Komurasaki is Hiyori, it can be inferred that the reason is etched in the events of 20 years ago and the prohphecy echoed by Toki. With the time of the prophecy now amongst Orochi, Komurasaki is not restricted to remaining a spectator to the cruelty of Orochi’s whims. Komurasaki can go against Orochi and defend Toko.

We finally get to see the real Komurasaki, not the person she has been acting as

Kyoshiro may be one of Orochi’s close executives but I believe he has positioned himself in such a position all the while driven by another reason, a reason in alignment with Komurasaki. If Komurasaki is Hiyori and she was able to get close to Orochi and remain hidden, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of the Nine Red Scabbards were able to hide themselves as one of Orochi’s men. Kyoshiro could have one of the Nine Red Scabbards left behind 20 years ago and made his mission to protect Hiyori and follow her commands which led him to where he is now. There may be some relevance in the statement of Kyoshiro and Komurasaki coming from the same town. It is also intriguing having the cliff hanger of this chapter being Kyoshiro getting ready to attack. It seems as if he is about to attack Robin but given the situation, the build up and my own interpretation, Kyoshiro is likely drawing his sword to defend Komurasaki. Kyoshiro having the aura of a samurai is not a coincidence.

Turning to Robin now, I love how she came up with a piercing logical reason for snooping around which would have worked had it not been for the Witching-Hour boy being active in another part of Wano Kuni on the same day. I’m glad she took the extra precaution of creating a body double and using that self for her reconnaissance. It may not be the battle focus she deserves but having her show off the skills she accumulated from her years on the run and in pain is much appreciated. The years she spent hating herself and in fear of her own existence was not for nothing, she can now use those skills to save others and prevent the injustice done to her from being done to other innocent individuals. It almost seems intentional, assuming that it isn’t, that Robin’s painful past is partially reflected in Toko’s unique personality. Toko can’t help but laugh regardless of the emotions she feels. Robin was taught to laugh to help ease the pain she felt. By laughing, Robin attempted to numb the pain and draw out positive emotions to help her endure the dark and lonely life she lived. Toko can’t help but do what Robin has done. If anyone understands Toko, it is Robin. Toko herself may have endured a painful experience that restructured her mind to react with laughter as a response to any situation. This may have likely been a defensive mechanism used by her psyche to help shield her from the overwhelming pain she felt at one point.

Robin really does seem like a ninja with that ability 🙂

I hope that through Toko and alongside her, Robin gets to have the focus illustrating her growth as a person at one point overcome with extreme misery that she couldn’t help but desire death as an escape from the pain she felt. The abuse of power going on within Wano Kuni is not much different from the abuse of power showcased by the World Government and the Marines when they determined that Ohara Island couldn’t exist. The whims of ego beckoned by fear run rampant oblivious to the impact on others and the “costs” that result. To such minds, the destruction left in the wake of their ignorance mean little.

Regarding the song Komurasaki was playing and the reason she wears a mask every single time she plays the song, it is to hide the tears carrying memories of a happier time. The song was likely passed onto her by her mother, Toki, and each time she plays it, she is reminded of her family and the void left within her heart at their unfair deaths. While serving the purpose of remembering her family, the song also serves of the purpose of reminding Komurasaki of her goal and what she needs to do to ensure that her parents legacy lives on. The song carries with it the love left with her and hope awaiting in the future which will take the form of Luffy, Zoro and the Straw Hat Pirates.

If Komaurasaki is Hiyori, Oda-sensei appears to be building her up as an individual who follows through with what she believes and one who would put herself in the way of danger to protect those she cares from. Such development appears to support the future where Hiyori becomes the next leader of Wano Kuni once Orochi and Kaidou are dealt with. Based on this chapter, Komurasaki has shown herself as someone with following and believing in. Momonosuke may be too young to lead Wano Kuni especially after a time where the nation was torn apart and divided by the tyranny of a pitiful person. Komurasaki appears to have been fighting for Wani Kuni from that day 20 years ago. If Hiyori is destined to become the next leader of Wano Kuni, I would not mind at all. Very much look forward to the next chapter.

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