One Piece Chapter 931 – Germa’s Stealth Black

One Piece chapter 931 - Stealth Black

A wild Stealth Black has appeared!

Sanji’s Germa agent moniker is incredibly badass – Stealth…Black. It’s a name that would strike terror in the minds of antagonists and hope within the hearts of innocent bystanders caught under the heel of suspect individuals and organizations. Law gave Stealth Black an incredibly memorable entrance with his commentary only to have it further entrenched in history by Sanji’s poor attempt to disguise himself behind a fake name totally devoid of any seriousness – O-Soba Mask. If that name sticks…how unfortunate it would be for Sanji and for the readers as well. Sanji NEEDS to adopt the Stealth Black name and carve out a resume of destruction through the current landscape awaiting him within Wano Kuni. The world NEEDS to experience the brilliance that is Stealth Black.

Talking about experiencing Stealth Black, Page 1 definitely is getting a whole course serving on the wondrousness hidden behind that cool design and unfitting name Sanji labeled the disguise. The Germa suit brings with it incredible abilities including stealth which Sanji has dreamed about since he was a child. Hopefully now with the Germa technology bringing one of his dreams into reality, he begins to accept his roots and stops rejecting his Vinsmoke name in such a hypocritical way. Sanji can advance and evolve his abiltiies and fighting style with the Germa technology available to him. Couple that with Haki and he really can challenge Zoro in terms of fighting capability. Law realises Sanji’s capabilities with the Germa technology, the readers realise it, let’s pray that Sanji now finally realises it.

One Piece chapter 931 - Stealth Black invisibility

Oh Sanji, what will you do with that ability now

Law was hilarious, I love how geeked out he was with the Germa stories and comics. I definitely would love to see more of fanboy Law. You can tell, the Germa stories hold a special place in Law’s heart. How amusing it will be once Law realises that Sanji is a Vinamoke and part of the Germa core. As much as Sanji denies it, he IS Germa Agent number 3. The Germa may have started out as antagonist but after the events on Whole Cake Island, I’m sure their outlook on the world and their goals were affected. The next time we see the Germa, it won’t be as antagonist.

Sanji is in a position to redefine what the Germa 66 means to the world through his actions as Stealth Black. If he wants to help change the Germa 66, he can do so through Stealth Black. While the Germa have left destruction and death in their wake, Sanji through the Straw Hat Pirates has helped countless people. Sanji can serve as the medium to shift anxiety and fear away from the title of Germa. I’m sure if Sanji continues to fight as Stealth Black, a shift in the perception of the Germa 66 will happen. The Stealth black disguise may fool some but I doubt characters like Vivi, Viola and Pudding would be fooled, they know Sanji. Hopefully Sanji embraces the Germa technology so that the next time we are reintroduced to the Germa again, we get additional Germa technology for Sanji. In short, I love the Germa and want to see more of them even if only through the Germa suit of…Stealth Black.

One Piece chapter 931 - Robin caught by the Oniwabanshu

Robin is in a pinch

Robin being caught spying by the Oniwabanshu is certainly problematic but I wonder how Robin can play it to deflect suspicion and attention away from herself or has she sent a clone of herself to do the investigating. I hope so but if this is the case, she will become a wanted individual like Zoro and Sanji. Robin is not wrong in believing that a Poneglyph resides within Wano Kuni, the birthplace of the Poneglyphs. She is also not wrong in believing that there may be a hidden area within the castle, its seems too logical not to be the case. What I am interesting is what other information Robin can find that is not directly tied to the Poneglyph’s and taking down Orochi and Kaidou. Could there be information within Wano Kuni that relates to the World Government and what the Gorosei are currently planning? Looking forward to seeing how Robin handles her encounter with the Oniwabanshu.

Big Mom’s memory loss caught me completely off guard, I did not expect such development to ever happen. For such a terrifying character to now forget the evil she has done and return to her base self, how exactly will events play out now? Can Big Mom be redeemed? Can she change who she is now that she has forgotten who she was? Will Big Mom become an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates during her memory loss phase to assist in the defeat of Kaido? If so, will she regain her memories after Kaido’s defeat and chase the Straw Hat Pirates to Elbaf? This development leaves so many questions up in the air. What can Chopper, Kiku, Momonosuke and Tama do to take advantage of the situation? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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