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One Piece Chapter 930 – Big Mom Arrives In Wano Kuni

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One Piece chapter 930 - Sanji and the Germa Battle Suit


What an exciting chapter that leaves you eager for the events about to follow. Sanji finally has an opportunity to earn his bounty level because the current wanted poster bounty he has is extremely generous and undeserving. I personally feel Sanji has more to do to deserve a bounty higher than Zoro who has been directly influential in the downfall of enemies that stood against the Straw Hat Pirates since entering the New World. This chapter thankfully opens up the door to Sanji to help display that he is worth the bounty on his head.

With his lack of accomplishments and rejection of the Vinsmoke name, Sanji shouldn’t have received such a high bounty, especially one greater than Zoro’s. It would be a different story if Sanji accepted his Vinsmoke name and ran with it but he has adamantly rejected the name and even expressly voiced his disapproval of being left a Germa battle suit. Ironically, he now plans to use that suit which will gift him a power up (and hiding his identity) to defeat a Beast Pirate. Sanji should take this opportunity where his Soba vendor identity has triggered the Shogun’s faction and in turn the Beast Pirates to build a record of his threat through the defeated opponents he can leave across Wano Kuni. Sanji has yet to defeat anyone noteworthy or intelligible so far within the New World and it is because of that that I am concerned Sanji was gifted his bounty to force the plot and rivalry between Zoro and Sanji forward. It has left an immense bitter taste in my mouth and with the Wano Kuni Arc, I am hoping Sanji begins to behave like a pirate worth 330 million belly. I don’t care if the suit gifts Sanji a power up, as I already knew he would get a suit when his siblings revealed there’s. What I am hoping for is that accepts his Vinsmoke name and stops acting hypocritical through his rejection of the family yet desire to accept the rewards that come with it i.e. bounty and Germa battle suit.

One Piece chapter 930 - Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates arriving in Wano Kuni

The Big Mom Pirates showing up leaves the arc in a very curious stage. How exactly will they fit in and could they ultimately do the Beast Pirates a disservice by eating up focus away from them? The Big Mom Pirates had their own arc just before, so potentially their role could be minimal and probably serve a way to open up an opportunity for Luffy, Kid and Momonosuke to defeat Kaido. Big Mom most certainly brought Jinbe along with her and the other individuals she captured as the Straw Hat Pirates escaped her territory. Big Mom most likely intends to display Jinbe to the Straw Hat Pirates to draw Luffy out and ultimately attempt to ruin him by killing those Luffy cares about.

What leaves me wondering is whether Mont-d’Or has brought the books he has imprisoned people and creatures in. It would be hilarious if the creatures he imprisoned were freed and began roaming around Wano Kuni. Fire can dispel the imprisonment effects of the book but I wonder if sea water can do the same?

One Piece chapter 930 - Big Mom Pirates 2

The Big Mom Pirates will eventually make it into Wano Kuni

The Witching Hour Boy’s purpose has been at a lost. How does he fit in? What exactly will he end up doing? If he really a boy? Does he has anything to do with Wano Kuni’s history and connection to the Ancient Civilisation? At this point in time, I am very excited at the potential the story has and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how it moves forward.

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