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One Piece Chapter 929 – Lord Kurozumi Orochi

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One Piece chapter 929 - colour spread

Does having Nami and Robin as the central focus mean anything? Could they finally get some quality coverage in battle during this arc?

Orochi looks different than what I expected but given his meeting with CP0 and the way he forced them into a corner with the threat of Kaido, he isn’t afraid of making the World Government his enemy well as long as he has someone strong backing him. It has become obvious that Orochi is currently enjoying the benefits of having allied with the World Strongest Creature rather than being the one who the Marines and World Government fear. If that element of fear is taken away, where would Orochi hide? I’m sure Orochi is somewhat capable but the one pulling most of the weight and striking terror in any rebellion and opposition is Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

The World Government is engaging in fights with Pirates with weapons bought from Pirates (Beast Pirates). The acquisition is such weapons was previously handled by Doflamingo but now with Doflamingo imprisoned, the World Government through the CP0 have directly met with Orochi to bargain for weapons in their war against pirates. Potentially what Orochi offers that the World Government needs is the quantity of weapons and the Kairoseki weapons Wano Kuni weaponsmith’s are able to make. This means that even with the unfavourable payment Orochi is requesting, the CP0 agents have little to no room to negotiate otherwise. For now it appears that Orochi and Wano Kuni serve as an important source of weapons for the World Government. But with Dr. Vegapunk as the bargaining chip, will the CP0 agree to such a trade?

One Piece chapter 929 - Kurozumi Orochi

Will the CP0 agree?

Franky searching for the Onigashima Mansion blueprints was hilarious, he suckered up to Minatomo to acquire the blueprints but with it being sold 10 years ago, he had to go on a ‘wild-goose chase’ to try to find it and ultimately he reached a dead end. The mansion blueprints were stolen by someone from Kuri who had his face covered – it couldn’t be Raizou right? Raizou would have told the others but so far Raizou is the only person I’ve seen who has a reason to steal the blueprints and is capable of stealing the blueprints. It probably isn’t Raizou because the build-up appears to have Kin’emon tasked with finding the blueprints in Kuri.

Komurasaki is playing Orochi so hard and he doesn’t appear to realise it. It’s obvious that she is driven by a particular motive and is currently behaving the way Orochi wants in order to direct suspicion away from herself. The timing of her visit is also incredibly curious given that it aligns with the time Lady Toki spoke of in her “prophecy”. While things are currently going as planned, I somehow doubt that complications won’t arise and throw her plan out the window. Hopefully with Robin there, Kumorasaki can end up meeting the Straw Hat Pirates. With the Fire Festival approaching, there is no doubt that something major will take place there.

One Piece chapter 929 - Orochi's introduction

Orochi surely can’t be as foolish as he looks? Can he?

Looks like opening the borders of Wano Kuni is something Orochi fears tremendously. I wonder if the Wano Kuni borders may open up before Orochi is completely defeated. Before that happens though, the Straw Hat Pirates will need to avoid Kaido’s Headliner’s whom are currently out hunting for the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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