One Piece Chapter 928 – Komurasaki

One Piece chapter 928 - Komurasaki

How sinister but I feel there is a purpose behind her apparent darkness

For a whole chapter to be dedicated to Komurasaki’s introduction not to mention the previous chapter serving the purpose of building up her introduction, there is no doubt that Komurasaki’s character is a significant element within the story of Wano Kuni. We have yet to learn the extent of her relevance but she has been positioned in a very specific point in the story where her actions could open the door for the downfall of Orochi. The timing of her meeting with Orochi is very curious given that 20 years ago, Lady Toki spoke about a time that refers to the present where Orochi will come to know the “radiance” of the “dawn”. In order to see that prophecy fulfilled, Komurasaki could have decided to meet Orochi. If that is the case, it may very well be that Komurasaki is none other than Kozuki Hiyori.

Contrary to how Komurasaki is being portrayed, I don’t believe that is what is actually going on. While the actions of Komurasaki have been painted as sinister and despicable, there can be a very logical reason, one that turns our perceptions of Komurasaki on its head similar to what happened with Pudding. If Komurasaki is driven by a desire so piercing that it overarches her entire life, she could have taken it upon herself to become an antagonist in order to ensure that the desire she holds is fulfilled. If it was in order to take Orochi down, I could see a person discarding their heart to get the opportunity to gain an audience with Orochi to set his downfall in motion. This would make even more sense if the person vanguarding this plot was none other than Kozuki Hiyori who has lost it all due to Orochi’s betrayal. Under the guise of Komurasaki, Hiyori intends to infiltrate Orochi’s base to open up the opportunity for what has been prophecised to happen by Lady Toki 20 years ago. This would even explain why even though Komurasaki refused Orochi before, she has accepted his invitation at the time prophecised by Lady Toki.

One Piece chapter 928 - Komurasaki Introduction

Behind the “mask” Komurasaki currently has on, who is she?

The man Komurasaki targeted and deceived could have had a hand in betraying Oden and the Kozuki Family or at the very least profited off the the betrayal and deaths that resulted. Komurasaki’s victims appeared to be those who were wronged but until we learn what their stories are and what they have done in the past, we cannot exclude the possibility that they are getting exactly what they deserve. All Komurasaki could have done is taken the money they didn’t deserve and gave them a taste of their own medicine by getting them to understand the feeling of losing everything and being betrayed.

Komurasaki is obviously not in the right for what she has done but it may very well be that she is not wrong in those she targeted and what she did to them. There is more to her story that a woman using her beauty to ensnare rich and lonely man and deceiving them out of their wealth and status. There are reasons and a purpose driving those actions. For what it’s worth I really want to give her character the benefit of the doubt, especially with what happened to Pudding and how I initially championed her demise and a humiliating defeat for herself. I didn’t foresee the pain she endured and the environment that imprisoned her heart and innocence. To me, it really makes sense that Komurasaki is Hiyori who is currently trying to drive forward her mother’s prophecy and assist in the saving of Wano Kuni.

One Piece chapter 928 - Luffy and Kid

They will work wonderfully together…

I still wish to see Zoro appear and catch the eye of Orochi. Someone carrying the spirit and honor of a Samurai should be the one to strike down the snake who has wrapped the once blossoming nation of Wano Kuni within its pitiful self and poisoned the honour that previously defined it’s people corrupting it to the now sinful state we see. Momonosuke may be the most appropriate character for this but he is not currently strong enough for such a task. Luffy should be kept separate focusing on Kaido meaning that the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates should be the ones who lead the rebellion against Orochi for the freedom of Wano Kuni. Luffy currently has enough going on trying to break out of Kaido’s prison and indirectly inciting an alliance to take on the Beast Pirates. Kid will be key in Kaido’s downfall, so the focus surrounding Luffy should be centered around his interactions with Kid and their growing bonds/rivalry. Very much really looking forward to the next chapter.

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