One Piece Chapter 927 – Stirrings Within Wano Kuni

One Piece chapter 927 - Straw Hat Pirates eating Soba

They have that much faith in Luffy that they don’t see any reason to panic

Orochi’s silhouette leaves a lot to the imagination with the multiple headed snake teased. Can Orochi really transform into a hydra-sort of beast or was that panel a play on our expectations with Oda-sensei subverting what we actually find ourselves being led to believe. It would be amusing if the silhouette was in fact the outline of a tree or just Orochi’s pet. It seems to obvious to introduce Orochi in such a fashion without underlining the readers first impression on such major arc character. Oda-sensei never conforms to standard and is generally aware of what the readers would be expecting when reading his manga. He utilises that expectation to misdirect the readers opening us up to twist many do not see coming. Could this be one of them? I really do wonder.

The Kyoshiro thugs looking to throw their bosses name around to generate respect and status getting their just desserts was hilarious. Oblivious to their own uselessness, they picked a fight with the wrong pirate and ultimately went running back to Kyoshiro. Sanji treating the beaten up thugs to the soba they wasted was great and satisfyingly enjoyable. The moral of the day, please do not waste food. If Kyoshiro’s men are this weak and foolish, I wonder about Kyoshiro himself and how he would fare in a fight. Considering his opinion of Orochi and the focus he has currently received, he will be one of the main secondary antagonist the Straw Hat Pirates battle in this portion of the arc before they go completely against the Beast Pirates. I dig Kyoshiro’s pompadour though, it’s fantastic.

One Piece chapter 927 - Toko

I really like Toko’s character, her introduction gets the reader to care about her and smile when she finally gets to eat Sanji’s soba

Toko, what an interesting girl with a memorable take on handling grief. Her personality and introduction also leave a lasting impression on your mind. Where exactly is Oda-sensei going with her? There is definitely a tragic story behind her tearful smile and it without a doubt connects to Komurasaki. Whether Komurasaki facilitated such a breakdown in emotions or whether she is the one helping Toko deal with her past and move forward. The little that we do know is that Toko likes Komurasaki, that Komurasaki has some concern for Toko and that despite Orochi being the Shogun, Komurasaki has no interest in him. The way Orochi proclaims that today is the day he will make Komurasaki his suggest that he has tried multiple times to court her without success. One thing I am anxious of about Komurasaki is that she may be superficial and faking the innocent and caring personality she displays to the citizens. A large part of me is beginning to really believe that Komurasaki is in fact Lady Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister. It would explain why a whole chapter was dedicated to introducing her introduction without officially introducing her yet. I very much look forward to learning who Komurasaki is.

One Piece chapter 927 - Orochi

I really do wonder about that silhouette

Given how Komurasaki has been built up as this perfect being enchanting all men with her charisma and beauty, it would be fantastically hilarious if Komurasaki encountered a man immune to her charms or at the very least highly resistant. With Luffy imprisoned on another Island, it is finally time for Zoro to step in and throw the status quo into chaos. Zoro is a very perceptible individual and one who despite his nature has a very honorable and samurai-orientated spirit. I think Zoro can withstand the hollow seduction of a beautiful woman. Instead it would be exciting if the expectation was subverted and Komurasaki fell for Zoro which in turn leads to Orochi finding out about Zoro and making him the number one enemy within Wano Kuni. Zoro hasn’t had a proper fight within the post time skip story yet and given how Luffy will be the one to take down Kaidou (with Kid and Law’s help), it seems like an optimal time for Zoro to highlighted. This arc is Zoro’s arc and Orochi would make the perfect canvas for Zoro to slice his way back into the readers hearts.

Very excited to see what happens in the next chapter and how the current battle landscape will turn out for the Straw Hat Pirates. Also I support more Geisha Robin, thank you very much for that Oda-sensei.

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