One Piece Chapter 925 – The Reintroduction Of The Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece chapter 925 - Blackbeard

I am very curious to see how much Haki Blackbeard knows…

I cannot believe it, has Absalom been killed off in the background? Direct confirmation hasn’t been given but Shiryu’s display of using the Clear Clear Fruit certainly does seemingly confirm that Absalom has been killed in order to free up his Devil Fruit for use by the Blackbeard Pirates. Unless a method exist that allows a Devil Fruit user to have their power stolen/mimicked, the only other reason that would explain Shiryu having the fruit power is Absalom being dead. Would Oda-sensei really do that off-screen without much build up? Why didn’t he have any of the Blackbeard Pirates confirm Absalom’s death? I am completely surprised and questioning whether Oda-sensei has decided to adjust the way he handles present time character deaths within the story.

It seems so out of character for a present time character to die so suddenly without any build up towards such a point. Oda-sensei usually doesn’t handle deaths so freely, instead he is very selective about his present time character deaths and attaches massive value and consequences to such deaths. No death flags were raised to signal or at least hint at Absalom dying to have his Devil Fruit power stolen by the Blackbeard Pirates. It would make more sense in such a situation if Absalom survived but had his fruit power stolen yet such a possibility has not been revealed to exist as of yet. I really wonder if Oda-sensei also plans to have Absalom’s corpse revived (which a different shadow) to reduce the impact of the real Absalom’s death. I really cannot conclude Absalom’s death a certainty until we get such confirmation from the story. As things are, I will hold off on my judgment until Oda-sensei gets the opportunity to reveal what actually happened with Absalom and how he plans to handle Moria’s story. Moria may very well be relevant to the Wano Kuni arc or the arc that deals with Kaido’s defeat.

Catarina Devon, so she is he user of the Dog Dog Devil Fruit Mystical Beast Model Nine-tailed Fox. Somehow it seems the fruit has the ability to allow the user to transform into the form of other people e.g. when Catarina disguised herself as Absalom. We didn’t get much else revealed about it except the form but given that it is a Mystical Zoan Devil Fruit and one of the most rare fruits existing, we can assume that Catarina is a powerful character.

Teach, well hello! Good to see that you are in good spirits and having come a long way from the shoddy boat back in Jaya Arc. A pirate life really suits you but unfortunately having achieved your status through theft and cowardly tactics, your time at the top is only guaranteed until the real King comes to collect. The winds will blow change across the seas and along with its breeze will travel the whispers of fate signaling your downfall. Enjoy yourself while you can, but you are not the one.

One Piece chapter 925 - Onigashima Island

You ain’t going to break Luffy’s spirit Beast Pirates, instead you have brought the catalyst to your destruction onto the Island

The Straw Hat Pirates are in a concerning situation yet with the reality that Kaido doesn’t want Luffy dead, an opportunity itself has been created. Right there were Luffy is existing houses the spark they need to ignite the downfall of Kaido. Luffy is a man capable of charming others with his personality and beckoning those in doubt of him to eventually believe in him wholeheartedly. The Straw Hat Pirates and the Alliance establish that perfectly. All the captives on the Island have their hopes caged and will power zapped. The very worst person the Beast Pirates can have on Onigashima Island is Luffy. He will make Kaido pay for his error and arrogance.

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and eventually seeing how Tama can unsettle the whole of the Beast Pirates completely. Also curious to learn how Ashura decides to ally with the Wano Kuni resistance, he has already been intrigued by Luffy, so just maybe the Straw Hat Pirates conviction can win him over.

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