One Piece Chapter 924 – Captive

Once Luffy gets some meat…just you wait Beast Pirates…

Well that is one way to bring Kid into the focus, by having Luffy being captured by Kaido as well. I expected Law to save Luffy but it turns out that Hawkins predicated such an outcome and acted to minimize Law’s capabilities. Kaido does not know it yet but by bringing Luffy and Kid together, he may have effectively paved the path towards his own downfall.

What Kaido should have done is permanently removed the threat in front of him while he has the chance. All his fantasies about breaking the mind and will of his captives is a delusional high he wants to give his ego but ultimately such a result is non-existant. Kaido fails to realise the accomplishments Luffy and his crew have achieved in such a short time and is instead discounting such feats against his own grandeur. While he is not wrong to do so, now that they are his enemy, he has committed the ultimate One Piece baddie sin and underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates. For such a grievance, he will be judge as all other One Piece villains were. Kaido will obviously put up more of a fight and will stretch the Straw Hat Pirates to their extreme but ultimately, he will be defeated and all that will be left to comfort him is this moment when he had the chance to change it all and end the downfall destined for him. I’m sure capturing strong willed opponents and breaking them is a testament to his strength and pride but he has left himself blind toward variables capable of breaking the status quo which is exactly what Luffy represents and if he paid attention to how much trouble the Straw Hat Pirates have caused for him so far, he would recognize the threat of Luffy. Luffy even unleashed his Conquerors Haki in an unconscious state, surely that should ring some alarm bells within Kaido. If not, how unbeatable does Kaido believe he is?

Anyway now that Luffy has been captured and placed in the cell right next to Kid, I am very much looking forward to the interaction between the two. Their encounter on Sabaody Archipelago was great and set the two up as having very similar mindsets towards the pursuit of One Piece and the Pirate King. Kid, like Law, is one of the more important Supernovas introduced during the Worst Generation. I loved the reactions by Franky, Robin, Usopp and Zoro when they found out Luffy was captured, how hilarious to see their faces distort so impossibly, especially Robin’s – she has come a long way since when she joined.

Looking forward to seeing what other characters Kaido has imprisoned and whether they will have an impact within this arc.

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