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One Piece Chapter 920 – The Samurai Who Traveled Through Time

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One Piece chapter 920 - Kozuki Oden

Who is Orochi to Oden?

What a dangerous precedent to be set, for a Devil Fruit to have the ability to allow the user to send people into the future. Can we now expect characters renowned in the past who suddenly disappeared at some point in the past to appear again at some point in the future. How can we track which character is still relevant when a past historic character could have been sent flying into the future to land in the current time the story is focused on? Will it be isolated to just the Wano Kuni arc or will the Toki Toki no Mi have implications extending way beyond the land of the Samurai?

The Toki Toki no Mi could be such an overpowered Devil Fruit if there are no restrictions on who the user can affect with the ability. For example, say a powerful opponent no one can beat at the time has the Toki Toki no Mi used on them to cast them 1 year into the future. For that year waiting for the powerful opponent to reappear, a hole or trap could be prepared to activate when they appear again. The time before they reach the point they are cast can be used to prepare for their arrival. It could be used on Kaidou to send him into the future where preparations can be made to counter him and eventually stop him. Fortunately the restriction to travel back in time helps balance the Devil Fruit but depending on how the Toki Toki no Mi is used, its practical effects can be overpowering.

One Piece chapter 920 - Lady Toki

Who is that mysterious Samurai that Oda-sensei has made effort of “concealing” alongside Kin’emon and Co.

Toki was able to save the Samurai and Momonosuke by sending them 20 years into the future. Strangely there were 5 Samurai not including Momonosuke but only 4 Samurai made it to the future. Did the fifth Samurai stay behind or get left behind? And if so, what is their relevance to the current story? Could the fifth Samurai be Hitetsu or could it be the mystery character from the chapter 631 cover page? It would explain why that character knew Crocus if he were connected to Oden who was part of the Roger Pirates. Princess Hiyori also remained in the past, so if she survived, how will she play into the current Wano Kuni? Hiyori would be around her mid 20’s currently. And can we please reveal who Tsuru really is. She has to be Monosuke’s mother! Tsuru has to be Toki. Tsuru is too important a character within this arc to not play a major role. Tsuru was one of the first Wano Kuni residents to be introduced, the others being Tama and Hitetsu. There is also a reason why she is not present for the current revelation.

Kaido was active 20 years ago and part of a crew that assisted Orochi in overthrowing the Kozuki family and avoid having the Wano Kuni borders opened. I wouldn’t be surprised if the World Government had some hand in keeping the borders of Wano Kuni closed so that information relating to the Void Century or the Ancient Civilization isn’t revealed. Given that such a development has been stained in tragedy and blood for so long, the very fact that the borders of Wano Kuni will soon be reopened again once the Straw Hat Pirates + allies deal with the Shogun is massive. It will be an event that shakes the world and invokes a substantial change among the Islands and its people. It would also substantiate Luffy’s title as the Fifth Emperor.

We know that Toki has been using her ability to continually travel forward in time until she met Oden, which brings up the question, where is Toki from? What timeline and what does she know? What caused her to travel forward in time each time? And why did she keep Hiyori in the past? Could Toki be from the Void Century? Or have certain information relating to it?

Inuarashi and Nekomamura were captured by Orochi 20 years ago but I believe they were saved and ended up having Toki’s plan revealed to them which is why they didn’t question Momonosuke and Co. when they appeared again 20 years in the future without having aged. Inuarashi and Nekomamura knew Momonosuke and Co. would appear again and most definitely know what happened to Toki and Hiyori. Also this has been eating away at my thoughts since its introduction but what is up with the Octopus at the start of this Arc? Why did Oda-sensei place such focus on it to shelve it after the Thousand Sunny ran aground? When will he/she/it be reintroduced? Very much looking forward to the coming chapters.

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