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One Piece Chapter 919 – The Samurai From The Past

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One Piece chapter 919 - Kin'emon's reveals the truth


Well that “can” got opened. What an unexpected plot twist. I am not sure what to think and whether such a twist has opened up a whole new dimension to One Piece. I didn’t expect it, I don’t think anybody expected it, it is such an absurd direction that it was seemingly implausible. For Kin’emon and Co. to have come from the future, how shockingly intriguing. How? Why? Who? When? Kin’emon is serious, right?

From what Kin’emon has revealed, five Wano Kuni residents traveled through time to the current period or close to the current period – we don’t know exactly how long they have been in the current timeline. It does explained the timeline for Oden’s death. Rather than having survived the fall of Wano Kuni 20 years ago and leading a resistance which I presumed, he was killed 20 years ago when he stayed behind to give his family and retainers an opportunity to escape and survive which ended up taking the form of traveling to the future. But how? How did Momonosuke and Co. travel through time? Was it a devil fruit user, some form of magic/ritual that relies on Celestial body movements or I dare say, an Ancient Weapon – Uranus? What are the limitations attached to the time travel ability and can it go back in time? Did Momonosuke’s mother know about this given her “prophecy”. And is this related to the King of the Marijoa whom also seems to have some form of prophetic abilities. So many questions being uncovered after so many chapters.

One Piece chapter 919 - The Wano Kuni Prophecy

The Moon and the Dawn…

Why didn’t the Mink Tribe note that it had been two decades since they last met Momonosuke and the Kozuki retainers? They couldn’t have been cast forward in time as well given that the Mink Tribe are aware of the movements of the Poneglyphs and Pedro has travelled the seas during the past few years hunting for Poneglyphs. This would mean that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are aware of the time travel capability and chose not to mention it to the Straw Hat Pirates. How many more secrets are the Mink holding? And how exactly are the Kozuki clan and Mink tribe connected to the Ancient Kingdom.

Nine Samurai huh? Looks like rather than seven Samurai, we have nine representing the force standing against the “bandits” embodied by the Beast Pirates. Luffy, Zoro, Kin’emon, Kiku, and Law are a given with their direct relevance at the current junction in the story. Brook most likely will be part of those nine swordsman, as well as Kanjuro and Raizo given their status as retainers of the Kozuki Clan. The ninth swordsman could either be Tama’s guardian, Hitetsu, or Shutenmaru if they are not one in the same.

One Piece chapter 919 - Snakeneck

I wonder if Orochi is also a Snakeneck

The female teacher inciting propaganda among the students regarding Wano Kuni’s status, she is the first Snakeneck race character we have seen or at the very least, the first Snakeneck character we have seen using their racial ability. She has the ability to stretch her neck like a snake not to mention her forked tongue and fangs. Oda-sensei intentionally wrote this character to have a memorable introduction. Why? How closely is she related to the Shogun and Kaido? Does she mean what she has said or is she putting on an act to hide her real agenda/objective? Her being so pro-“anti-Kozuki clan” is certainly suspicious. It almost feels as if Oda-sensei wants us to believe she is a certain way to conceal what she really could be. What is a given is the importance of this character considering the way Oda-sensei made it a point to differentiate this character from others by revealing her to be a Snakeneck and the fact that Oda-sensei wants the readers to feel that this character is not an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates.

What importance does the Moon play in these events. ‘On a Moonlit night the Shogun will fall…’ – is there a deeper meaning behind the Moon signaling Orochi’s fall? And could the Moon or the alignment of Celestial Bodies in space have allowed Momonosuke and Co. to travel forward in time? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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