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One Piece Chapter 916 – Luffy VS Urashima

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One Piece chapter 916 - Luffy, Zoro and Kiku

Zoro almost looks bored 😛

Based on how Kiku wielded her katana to chop off Urashima’s top-knot, Kiku seems to be incredibly capable as a swordsman, but given her uncertainty as to how to react with chaos igniting the situation, Kiku most likely does not have much practical fighting experience beyond sparring. Fortunately a moment has arrived to inspire Kiku with a situation where she will have no choice but to utilise the training she has had. The Beast Pirates have arrived and the only way out of this situation and saving Tama would be fighting.

Urashima was understandably pissed but what did he expect being so imposing on someone who didn’t want to reciprocate his feelings. The mentality of the power holders within the town has become severely twisted and unfortunately with the town consisting mainly of such individuals, it has become the new norm. Urashima may not be a terribly bad person but he is gulible and easily manipulated. With his honour severed and his status as the strongest Sumo wrestler within Wano Kuni having been demolished into pieces, now seems like a great time for Urashima to evaluate his life, his choices and the way he behaves.

One Piece chapter 916 - Luffy VS Urashima

That seems unfair – poor Urashima

Luffy had too much fun Sumo Wrestling, he let Urashima believe he had a chance and didn’t hold back when he landed his finishing blow. Urashima couldn’t do anything about that but be hit and blown away. With that said, Holpi- I mean Holdem has arrived with Tama as a hostage. Holdem’s base has been destroyed and he now has a reason to challenge and fight Luffy albeit unfairly given Tama’s precarious situation. If Law were there, that wouldn’t be problem but sadly Law is tending to Bepo who has collapsed from the effects of the poison in the river. Luffy and Zoro should manage, somehow …hopefully…

Kiku appears to have been subject to the traditional outlook on the way of the world with the female needing to be reserved and not stand out. The way Kiku asked Zoro what she should do implies that Kiku isn’t used to acting on her own without being issued an order or command. Zoro responded aptly advising Kiku that no one else is going to watch over her let alone tell her how to act. If she wants to save Tama, she will need to act on her own and make her own decisions. It’s a shift from her usual environment but being exposed to such a jarring scenario will help Kiku appreciate her own abilities and capabilities. I also wonder if Kiku is related to a certain bloodline i.e. the Ryuma bloodline. If Kiku is a descendant of Ryuma it would make complete sense for Zoro to pass on Shisui to her once she has grown in confidence during the arc. Both the sword and her efforts will serve as reminders of her worth as a Swordsman. or could she be related to Koushirou O.o.

Holdem being a Headliner should be a challenging foe for Luffy but thanks to Luffy’s experience using Kenbunshoku Haki, I feel he should be skilled enough to handle the middle tier members of the Beast Pirates. Luffy will be challenged when he takes on one of the Calamities/Disasters or Kaidou himself. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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