One Piece Chapter 915 – Assault On Bakura Town

One Piece chapter 915 - Kiku

That was actually pretty badass – I understand Luffy’s excitement

Why is it when power-hungry people take over something, it becomes rotten? Are they so afraid to be reminded of how sinister they are, they remove from their proximity anyone or anything with the ability to reflect truth back on them? Bakura has become a town void of heart. Fear and desire run the town and those unable to serve a purpose are discarded being labeled a lesser existence compared to those residing within the town. Those in charge abuse their power and pervert the soul of Wano Kuni into an image stained in their ignorance and temporal assertions.

For such a country rich in culture and principle to degenerate into one hollow and lifeless, it is a tragic shame. Those holding onto the memory of what Wano Kuni can be are silenced leaving only those desperate to survive to endure all the misery cast upon them without any hope of escape. Life has become a daily ordeal of survival and even the simplest of joys such as a proper meal are denied to the people rejected by the corrupt and ignorant.

One Piece chapter 915 - Bakura Town

The growing disparity within Wano Kuni

The weight of Momonosuke, Kinemon, Kanjuro and Raizo’s actions are being substantiated by the suffering the readers are witnessing within Wano Kuni. The whole country has been corrupted by the whims of a few and as a result those with power have imposed their twisted desires on everybody else. Oden tried to fight but he was betrayed by Orochi and killed. The Beast Pirates now target anyone dissatisfied with the current state of government and any voicing disagreement. The World Government couldn’t care less and the country itself has been shackled so tightly the world at large knows nothing about the inhumane events going on within Wano Kuni.

Wano Kuni will have to save itself but they have been effectively positioned at the edge of a cliff by Orochi and the Beast Pirates that they will require a bit of assistance to illuminate the desire of freedom within their hearts that has currently been buried under the terror of nonconformity and rebellion. Thankfully the Straw Hat Pirates are there ready to fulfill the promise they have made to Momonosuke. Through their efforts and display if conviction, the people of Wano will come to be inspired by this group of pirates uncompromising in their pursuit of “freedom”. And you can be sure, the Will of D will once again kick up a storm that will reverberate across the rest of the world.

While the whole of Bakura Town may not be completely in support of the current system, the vocal majority has grown accustomed to their power over the rejected. It is a simple psychological trap with destructive consequences where an individual is empowered by their narrowed perceptive of holding power over another that they become blind to how imprisoned they themselves are. Those in Bakura Town while enjoying their “positions” are oblivious to how powerless they are. When the illusion of a hierarchy is established and a bottom defined, those looking down grateful to be above cannot see how deep in the hole of submission they have fallen. Those in power create a system where only by forcefully changing the individuals perspective can they begin to desire change and strive towards it.

One Piece chapter 915 - Holdem

I…I…it’s so weird yet the absurdity is beautifully amusing

Holdem illustrates the depth of Oda-sensei’s creativity and the sheer joy in his art of creating and designing characters even after 20 years with One Piece. It’s an unbelievable design yet it is that ridiculousness coupled with that unchained personality which makes these new characters Oda-sensei is creating so fascinating. If Holdem is anything to go by, I am very much looking forward to the rest of the Beast Pirates being introduced. Holdem reminds me of Mohji/Richie and Pekoms given his lion motif but with the unique characteristic of having his body host to two entities probably representing different personalities of himself if not housing the “soul” of the Smile he consumed, he is significantly different from those two.

Kiku has displayed her Samurai capabilities and severed the pride of the Yokozuna – his top-knot. It was a spectacular moment which Luffy conveyed in kind with his reaction of awe and excitement. Given Urashima’s relation with the Beast Pirates and the Shogun’s subordinates, I doubt there will be no retaliation. Urashima does seem to have the capacity for good but he is currently being corrupted by the power he has been given. Hopefully with his pride destroyed, he will begin to perceive the world in a broader more responsible perspective. Looking forward to next chapter and finding out the fate of the raccoon dog.

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  1. Josh Cook says:

    calling it, i’ll bet kiku is royalty.

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