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One Piece Chapter 909 – Enter Wano Kuni


One Piece chapter 909 - Wano Kuni

Surely there’s a Poneglyph within that castle!

The aftermath of the events concerning the Reverie will have to wait as the focus has shifted to a country long built-up through the story and an arc every reader has anticipated since Ryuma made his appearance in Thriller Bark. The Wano Kuni Arc has begun. It has finally begun!

This is the arc in which we will see the Straw Hat Pirates tested, truly tested where the efforts of their conviction will bear itself wholeheartedly on the will they display against the formidable enemies they will inevitable face. The Beast Pirates will be the primary antagonist and Kaido will take center stage in attempting to break apart the rookies who have engulfed the world in an excitement destined to shake the “world” apart at its core. Unlike with the Totto Land Arc where Big Mom’s defeat was in question, the Wano Kuni Arc will see the Straw Hat Pirates seriously go up against Kaido and the Beast Pirates and defeat them. The story has progressed far enough where the Straw Hat Pirates need to challenge and win against a Yonko crew.

One Piece chapter 909 - Kinemon's plan

Plans aren’t necessarily the best plan for the Straw Hat Pirates

The only news worthy of standing besides the eventual events unfolding within Mary Geoise is news concerning the Yonko pirate crews and in particular news about the Straw Hat Pirates defeating the Yonko Kaido, an existence the world has labelled “the strongest creature in the world”. Luffy definitely has a way to go before he seeks to challenge Kaido but with his recent battles against Cracker, Katakuri and the short skirmish with Linlin, he has realised the gaps in his fighting style. Fortunately, Katakuri’s battle taught him plenty which he can put use to further developing and evolving his fighting style.

Furthermore, like me, I’m sure every reader is hungry to see Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Jinbe (he WILL be part of the Wano Kuni Arc) pushed towards their limits and beyond. They NEED to have a fight sequence in which they can show the readers how capable they are. Aside from Luffy who was pushed past his limits with Doflamingo, Cracker (to a point) and Katakuri, the other crew members haven’t had much opportunity to be highlighted in 1 VS 1 match-ups. Zoro has barely broken a sweat, so it would be thrilling to see him face off against an equally matched or even stronger opponent to see what he does to eventually emerge victorious. Honestly, this arc IS Zoro’s Arc (especially with the previous arc being “Sanji’s”), he will have the most growth here and development within this arc. The Wano people may fear Zoro now but once this arc is done, they will be championing Zoro as their Samurai idol and ultimately desire the revered Shusui to be wielded by Zoro.

One Piece chapter 909 - Zoro

Like a gust of wind, HE unleashes – so good to have you back Zoro

Almost certainly, the 11th Straw Hat Pirate member will also feature within this arc given the stakes currently in balance and the enemy they are now up against. Both Jinbe and the 11th Straw Hat Pirate member will not be left out of these events, they instead will feature prominently to help build familiarity with the readers and set-up their complete entry into the Straw Hat Pirates as a natural occurrence.

The Straw Hat Pirates will inspire a nation to rise up against their Shogun and his close ally Kaidou in order to reach the freedom they all seek. Kinemon plans to have the Straw Hat Pirates currently in Wano Kuni slowly rally support from the people oppressed by the Wano Kuni government whom will assist in helping overthrow the current corrupt government officials. Some of the Beast Pirate are probably within Wano Kuni at the moment and we may see a battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beast Pirates relatively soon. Looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 909 – Enter Wano Kuni

  1. well, who’s your pick for the 11th member?
    Carrot: I doubt it. granted I love her, but its like you said prior, she has not that flare as a straw hat would and does not have the tragic past or lost loved one (again unless pedro counts).

    momo or kinemon: doubtful. they are good characters but we’ve already got someone who dresses like kinemon and momo: jinbe. plus momo is too young to be a pirate and has no real skills.

    monet: unless some odd way she magically shows up there I doubt it. I know you want her to join but i’m going with her being dead still. plus, if her yuki yuki no mi pops up with someone else, that will officially confirm her death.

    boa hancock: I know that sounds odd, but the marines were talking about having the shichibukai going to wano given the situation with kaido and big mom. she has a tragic past. and I honestly think somehow someday she may join. plus, she has a ton similar with nami and robin: hell childhood, slaves, their innocence corrupted in their youth, etc.

    also, I got a feeling history repeats itself in one piece. if sabo is captured at marijouis, luffy will go to save him and will likely need help. it would help if hancock was with them given she was in marijous for years and would know the layout, even if she doesn’t want to go back. I’m just going with my gut.

    I’d like to hear your opinion.

    • Based on how Oda has been developing the story, I don’t believe Kinemon, Momonosuke, Kanjuro or Carrot will end as a Straw Hat Pirate member. They are fun and cool characters, but there isn’t much weight given to their characters in regards to needing to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates. Plus what will the inclusion of those characters add to the crew and the story? Those characters will certainly be close allies but neither of them will become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Their initial arcs just didn’t set them up memorably enough.

      If we look at the last three additions to the crew – Franky, Brook and Jinbe, it becomes obvious that a character who does not have at least a uniquely interesting character design and personality shouldn’t carry much weight in being considered as a potential nakama candidate.

      Looking further at those three Straw Hat Pirate characters, they also also add something or connect to something big within the story. Franky is a cyborg and was the Shipwright the crew desperately needed, Brook was the musician Luffy wished for on several occurrences early on in the story plus he is a skeleton – A SKELETON WITH AN AFRO! People can say what they want about Laboon but I am so glad Oda didn’t forget about that lovable Whale as it during Laboon’s arc that I kicked logic to the curb when reading/watching One Piece. Jinbe is set to fill a massive gaping hole within the current Straw Hat Pirates who just don’t plan enough when it comes to taking on enemies that have armies at their disposal. Jinbe brings with him experience, relations and a point of view that the fights the Straw Hat Pirates will engage in calls for. Plus Jinbe is the Helmsman that can bring out the capabilities of the Thousand Sunny and Nami’s freakish weather sense.

      The next Straw Hat Pirate member will equally need to connect to the story and drive it. Kinemon, Momonosuke, Kanjuro and Carrot have had at least an arc to establish their case and as things stand, they don’t appear to have much future relevance within the Straw Hat Pirates. A new character could be introduced within the Wano Kuni Arc and eventually join he Straw Hat Pirates but that character will need to be something special to overcome the amount of journey she or he has missed with the Straw Hat Pirates.

      Also with Boa, while it would be cool for her to join the crew, there is relevance in keeping her separate and lead a nation of Haki wielding amazons. Hopefully we get more focus of Boa and find out that she has crossed over into the New World.

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