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One Piece Chapter 908 – Im-sama

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One Piece chapter 908 - Im-sama

The ruler of the World Government?

Of course the empty throne isn’t empty and the Tenryuubito have created the illusion of equality to fool the world into believing they have a voice willing to be heard. Unfortunately reality is a crueler mistress than most are willing to accept and beyond their own willful omissions, the deception of the Tenryuubito blankets the worlds narrow-mindedness into a state of comfort. Until the poison of reality begins to take noticeable effects on the individual, they remain blind to the suffering of others. But still, whirlwinds around the world creating waves have taken shape and begun to gain momentum.

In contrast to the past since the World Government took its place at the center of the world, there are people willing to fight for an end to the suffering. And these people not only take the form of Revolutionaries but kings, queens, princes, princesses, nobles, marines, and even pirates. Vivi has been rightfully highlighted as a threat to the Tenryuubito because unlike most royalty, she won’t sit quietly and accept the tragedy unfolding before her. Vivi understands the consequences of non-action and deeply knows the weight a few people fighting can have on the improbable nature of the outcome. With that belief, will and conviction, Alabasta would be lost.

One Piece chapter 908 - The Reverie Begins

And so it begins

Im-sama is still a complete mystery and why he was holding Vivi’s picture could be one of many things but whatever role Vivi serves, it has a connection to the Will of “D”. Luffy and Teach’s posters were cut apart likely due to their surge in fame and growth in power/influence. The “D’s” connection to the Ancient Civilisation may finally be causing fear to run rampant within the World Goverment, especially after what Roger accomplished and discovered. The Nefarati family being the only Tenryuubito family whom refused to join the World Government when it was origjnally created leaves them in very relevant and dangerous position. The Nefarati family have knowledge of the World Govnerment’s actions being part of what happened during the end of the Ancient Civilisation and he beginning of the World Goverment. If Cobra were to say “pass away” through “mysterious” circumstances, Vivi would become Queen and the ruler of Alabasta. In this scenario, I can see why the Tenryuubito are cautious of Vivi with the Nefarati family being one of the closest people to the “truth”.

Still, I was taken aback by the Gorosei bowing before someone. I am very curious to learn who Im-sama is. Whether he is human. Why he is so important. How he got to be the individual who leads the World Government. And why there is so much secrecy surrounding his exostence – him residing on the Empty Throne, seems to be knowledge only a select few have. With this new piece added to the One Piece board, how will story evolve.

One Piece chapter 908 - Kuma

The invincible slave Kuma rented by the Tenryuubito for their pleasure

Jewelry Bonney, her appearance within this arc is majorly surprising. Unlike the other parties involved, her motives are solely directed to the former King of the Sorbet nation, Bartholomew Kuma. The character Bonney was crying over at the end of the Marineford War was Kuma, because of what he had become. His fate now is even worse than one could expect. The World Government recognized Kuma’s betrayal and in order to send a message to other waving nations who wish to entertain the thought of rebelling against the World Government, Kuma, or whatever is left of him, has been a slave for hire. The Tenryuubito can take turns renting the invincible slave who won’t react or die no matter how much abuse is afflicted onto him. Bonney took the form of the current Queen of Sorbet and while we were introduced to Bonney in her young form, could she in fact be older? Or has Bonney taken the form of an old lady and become Queen in order to bide her time for an opportunity in which she can save Kuma. Given the way Bonney reacted at the end of the Marineford War, her relationship to Kuma seems orientated to a student-master type of one.

One Piece chapter 908 - Jewelry Bonney

Bonney infiltrates the inner Mary Geoise in order to free Kuma

The risk of Bonney being within Mary Geoise is she is effectively within enemy territory and her Devil Fruit ability could be sought after given its de-aging effects. The older Tenryuubito may want to become younger by using her. Without a crew and knee-deep in enemy territory, she may end up being assisted by the Revolutionary Army as Kuma is an ally to them both. Would be interesting to see if Bonney becomes an ally to the Revolutionary Army after the events in this arc or whether she becomes part of the Revolutionary Army. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what discussion within the Reverie will center around.

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