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One Piece Chapter 907 – Otohime’s Efforts

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It’s chapters like this that fans of manga and comics in general wait for. Every page was an event that continually added on what came before. From Big Mom and Kaidou’s relation which allowed them to rule the seas before Roger arrived, to their Captain who may not be dead and just dormant, to the Marines omission of stopping Big Mom and Kaidou from teaming up to take Straw Hat Luffy’s head, to the empty throne, to the arrival of the CP0, to the introduction of Donquixote Mjosgard.

This chapter added so many huge plot developments to the story, the main being the warmth of Otohime’s kindness still existing within the Tenryuubito she saved. Regardless of how naive Otohime’s beliefs were perceived, she was not wrong and I am glad to see that the effects of her decisions resonating still to this day. Actually, I am more than glad, I am overjoyed. If a Tenryuubito can be affected, there is meaning to continue upholding Otohime’s legacy. There is meaning in believing in Otohime. To think, the person who would pierce through the darkness in a hopeless situation would be another Tenryuubito. It makes it jarringly apparent that in order to change both the order and the chaos of the world, the support of the Tenryuubito are required. Both external and internal forces need to work together to put an end to the perversity of the Tenryuubito who are oblivious to the consequences their actions have.

Another important plot development supported by the events in this chapter is the role of Jinbe. Now more than ever Jinbe’s desire to bridge the gap between Fishmen and Humans is filled with relevance. With the sparks Otohime nurtured having through Mjosgard grown into an enveloping fire, there is worth in others continuing her legacy. Due to the regret and remorse Jinbe feels of having burdened Otohime with the consequences of the Fishman Pirates actions when it was led by Fisher Tiger and himself, Jinbe more than many others wishes to see the debt he owes Otohime paid off. And that repayment has taken the form of carrying on Otohime’s dream of having Fishmen and Humans coexist.

Another character made more relevant by the revalations within this chapter is Shirahoshi. While she may be young, she has fully embraced the heart of her mother and believes completely in the path her mother walked. Mjosgard’s appearance reinforces that belief within Shirahoshi and despite what sadness in life she experiences, she now knows that within the darkness, there is light. People can change. The inspiration Mjosgard has awakened within the characters and in myself carves out a path seemingly improbable to head towards until this moment. Someone with power, heart and the will to change has appeared! It really is a massive development, the reappearance of Mjosgard.

With Big Mom now intending to head towards Kaidou to join together with him to crush Straw Hat Luffy, will the Big Mom Pirates become relevant again so soon? I doubt it, the Wano Kuni Arc will be dedicated towards highlighting the Beast Pirates as the primary antagonist. Kaidou WILL be defeated at the end of Wano Kuni Arc by Luffy. The Big Mom Piratrs already had a large arc dedicated to them and with two of their strongest members defeated, it wouldn’t be sensible focusing on them as primary arc antagonist again so soon. Maybe after they had some time to grow to justify strongly reintroducing them. Big Mom and her crew will almost certainly feature within the Elbaf Arc given Big Mom’s connection and history to the Elbaf Giants. Hajrudin and his crew will also feature prominently within that arc.

Hina and Garp alluded to a certain event unknown to many which may have a strong connection to why Garp is a hero and the captain of Linlin and Kaidou before they became Yonko. Hina mentions that despite losing their captain, Linlin and Kaidou continued to gain power which implies that the crew Big Mom and Kaidou were a part of were incredibly strong. The captain may have died but I wouldn’t put past Garp to have helped the captain fake his death so he could leave the life of piracy. This could allow a legend to reappear back in the world of pirates after having heard the “defeats” Big Mom and Kaidou have suffered. This legend could be an obstacle to the Straw Hat Pirates. Still, I feel there has been enough build up for the Beast Pirates for them now to take center stage as antagonist as the Straw Hat Pirates arrive in Wano Kuni.

CP0, Vivi should have just mentioned the Straw Hat Pirates and watch Lucci and Kaku’s faces turn from smugness to pure terror. Looks like they weren’t beaten enough to make them understand the narrow-mindedness of their perception of reality. I sincerely hope they are working with the CP0 out of necessity rather than belief. It would be a shame to see them defeated again.

Shanks, why did he request an audience with the Gorosei? And why did the Gorosei agree? What exactly is going on? Does he want to talk about Roger and what was found out concerning the Void Century? Or is Luffy the discussion point? Very much looking forward to the next chapter. Also looking forward to King Sterry sitting on the empty throne! Make it happen Sterry!

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