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One Piece Chapter 906 – Within Mary Geoise

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One Piece chapter 906 - Marie Geoise

The Holy Land Mary Geoise – that’s a massive castle

As the light of knowledge is cast onto the secrets existing within Mary Geoise, the shadows existing behind those secrets opens itself up to more secrets lying beyond. With the subject matter surrounding the questions we have being revealed, more questions in turn end up being rewarded to the reader with the introduced clarity. Secrets that surround the Ancient Kingdom, the Void century, the Will of D and the current power hierarchy within the world are contained within the walls of Mary Geoise.

With Oda-sensei finally revealing a clue to the secrets within Mary Geoise, will he go further and have the Revolutionary Army stumble upon those secrets and realize the sheer history behind the World Government’s deception and desperation to manipulate reality? The Revolutionary Army seeks to declare their war against the Tenryuubito during the Reverie and what better way to force the Tenryuubito into the fight by learning their darkest deepest secrets. Doflamingo himself is certain that the World Government will send an assassin after him to remove an avenue from which their secrets can slip out. With Doflamingo bound, chained and unable to fight back, there isn’t much he would be able to do if an assassin came. Thankfully Magellan has set himself outside his cell to prevent such a scenario.

One Piece chapter 906 - The secrets contained in Mary Geoise

So mysterious and so exciting, what other secrets do you contain Mary Geoise?

With Doflamingo’s appearance within this chapter, hopefully we get further coverage on the secret he blackmailed the World Government with. It is a secret the Tenryuubito were prepared to kill to keep sealed. Having been revealed back during the Dressrosa Arc, it does seem like time for Oda-sensei to reward the readers for their patience by giving us additional information about it beyond a giant Straw Hat kept within a frozen vault. What else is contained within the frozen vault?

With Fishman Island partaking within the current years Reverie, how seriously will they be taken in their request to migrate to the surface to live among the humans? It is only their second time participating within a Reverie and the world does not see Fishman in a fond light let alone ad equals. Will their request be laughed off or will the voices of other nations such as Alabasta and Dressrosa help to give more weight to the words of the Fishman. Ultimately, who will decide? The Tenryuubito seem beyond law and if they wish, they could bend, break and destroy the law if it means their whims are satisfied and the world would be unable to have a problem with it. The Fishman’s request is largely dependent on the feelings of the Tenryuubito and with Charlos now interested in Shirahoshi, it doesn’t look good for them. Charlos WILL want Shirahoshi and twist the laws and protection the World Government have granted Fishman Island to see it happen. Against the Tenryuubito, I don’t see the law and Marines serving any protection for Fishman Island. The nations present at the Reverie will be reminded of how tyrannical the Tenryuubito can be. And thanks to the Revolutionary Army being present at the Reverie, the nations of the world will come to realise the intentions of the ones they label “the most dangerous criminals” i.e. the Revolutionary Army.

One Piece chapter 906 - Vivi, Rebecca and Shirahoshi

What a great moment

It was fantastic seeing the princesses we were introduced to throughout the One Piece story meet together. I honestly did not know I wanted to see this as much as I did before it ended up happening. What a magical moment it was seeing the beginning of a relation that could affect the future in wondrous ways. While Rebecca isn’t a princess anymore and won’t end up becoming a Queen in the future, her voice does hold weight within Dressrosa. Plus it nice to see Rebecca enjoying herself in peace after what she had to endure during her youth. Shirahoshi is beginning to learn about the surface world and the world in general but thanks to her now making such valuable friends like Vivi and Rebecca, her innocence and endless heart can be allowed to blossom. Vivi as well can have peers her age and of similar status to converse with and rely on. Given that Vivi is being built up to become the Queen of Alabasta in the not too distant future, especially with Cobra not currently being in good health, it is more imperative now for her to take on some aspects of leadership and gain experience in the functioning of the world as well as gain as many allies as possible. Vivi’s disdain and interaction with Wapol was great. Unlike before, she is more prepared and capable to handle what is to come. Vivi will have to learn the weight of leadership and the darkness she is up against.

Fisher Tiger, Koala and the Boa sisters were enslaved within Mary Geoise in the past and while Fisher Tiger helped several slaves escape back then, this chapter confirms that the Tenryuubito have continued their slavery operations – not that there was any doubt. With the Revolutionary Army now there, will these slaves be freed? And if so, will any of the slaves become vitals parts of the future One Piece story like Boa Hancock or Koala? Speaking of Koala, is she part of this infiltration operation? Koala has a traumatic history with Mary Geoise and despite the time that has passed, there will certainly be remnants of the pain she endured while a slave. It will be interesting to see how Oda-sensei handles Koala within this part of the story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  1. I think koala is still on iva-chan’s island. she has EVERY reason to not be their. I’m thinking koala has some trauma of that hell still. I’m actually interested in hers and hancock’s past. as I think they have a large degree of potential, namely I think hancock is part of the reason tiger escaped all those years ago. why? I think hancock may have awakened her haoshoku haki during her time as a slave and freed tiger in the process. as I’ve always thought of the possibility of hancock joining luffy’s crew. as she has a lot of potential given her character has a ton similar with both nami and robin.

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