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One Piece Chapter 905 – Infiltration

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One Piece Chapter 905 - Sabo

With absence of the Marines in Marie Geoise, could the Revolutionary Army really pull off the infiltration and their mission?


With the world crushed under the heel of the undeserving and the unjust, an echo within the darkness resonates out into the beyond with intent to shatter the heaven imprisoning the will of progress. An echo that has grown into a rallying cry for change and evolution. A voice that has beared its fangs in order to be heard. The Revolutionary Army has set their target and taken aim. The infiltration into Mariejois has begun, their target, the Tenryuubito.

With New Marineford established, the Marines have two strongholds on either side of Red Line that separates Paradise and the New World. The original Marineford may be weakened and of lesser importance but it still serves the important icon of helping deter wannabe pirates from fully committing themselves towards such criminal enterprises.

Unfortunately though, the more the public become aware of the abuse of power by the World Government and how the Marines primary service is towards the World Government instead of the people, the more the world will come to recognize the issues within the current system. All the Revolutionary Army needs to do is to lift be veil deceiving the world to show the people what really lies behind. The Revolutionary Army is also correct in not waging their war against the World Government faction but on the corruption slowly poisoning it within.

I’m interested in learning what Vegapunk has developed that has made the need for the Shichibukai system irrelevant. The Shichibukai serves as a deterrent for other pirates but as Fujitora correctly identified, former pirates having legalised power leads to the inevitable end of having those powers abused. There is no control when it comes to the Shichibukai and for the World Government and the Marines, it is always a balancing act between the costs and the benefits. Could Vegapunk have further his development on the Pacifista progran? If Pacifista strong enough to challenge Yonko crews were created that the Marines had control of, that option would be several times preferable than the Shichibukai system that has assisted pirates such as Crocodile, Blackbeard and Doflamingo in perverting the power the World Government has granted them. Jinbe and Law also serves as examples of the Shichibukai systems shortcomings from the perspective of the World Government.

One Piece Chapter 905 - Issho and Ryokugyu

The Shichibukai really does seem to be on its way out, unless…could the Revolutionary Army’s declaration prevent the dissolving of the Shichibukai power?

Ryokugyu’s appearance was a surprise, especially the manner in which he is introduced. His physical appearance is still concealed, implying further surprises in store for us when Oda-sensei does end up fully revealing Ryokugyu. At the very least, the readers get to see a partial silhouette of Ryokugyu and have confirmation that he is a man. The three year fast he is currently on is deeply intriguing. How exactly is Ryokugyu sustaining himself and will his Devil Fruit ability follow the science theme going on with the current Admirals. If Bosalino has a light-based Devil Fruit and Issho a gravity-based Devil Fruit, could Ryokugyu have a time-based Devil Fruit? The fact that he doesn’t need to eat supports the possibility that he could be using a time-based Devil Fruit ability to remain healthy/alive or at the very least has access to someone who has that ability. I know Bonnie has a time-based Devil Fruit but Ryokugyu’s Devil Fruit may be a variant/superior version of Bonnie’s. Or has the Marines found a way to steal Devil Fruit abilities? Blackbeard did and Big Mom unintentionally arguably did.

It will be interesting to see if Oda-sensei continues to follow the Revolutionary Army or if he now cuts away to the Straw Hat Pirates and reveals the developments surrounding the Reverie at a later time. Personally, I would like to see Oda-sensei continue to focus on the Revolutionary Army and how their declaration of war is carried. Will we also get some coverage on the “secret” Doflamingo blackmailed the World Government with? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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