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One Piece Chapter 904 – The Executives Of The Revolutionary Army

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One Piece chapter 904 - The Executives of the Revolutionary Army

Interesting bunch, curious to learn their stories and how they ended up members of the Revolutionary Army

Not only will the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shichibikai, the Yonko, the failings of the Marines and the Fishman Island proposal be relevant in the upcoming Reverie but the Revolutionary Army also seeks to declare their war against the Tenryuubito during the Reverie. Dragon has assembled all his Executives in order to take their war against the injustice of the world to the next level. As it stands the manifestation of the that injustice they seek to fight exist in the form of the current Tenryuubito who undeservedly carry themselves as Gods.

Kings, Queens, Rulers, representatives have left their kingdoms for the Reverie and taken with them their strongest guards which subsequently has left their nation vulnerable. Given the splintered military might of those nations, pirates and the equally enthused have taken it upon themselves to target the Kings, Queens, Rulers, representatives and their weakened nations. Blackbeard being the opportunist he is has set his disillusioned lowly footsoldiers to target those nations. Unfortunately for those henchman who crossed the path of the Revolutionary Army Executives, they have met a very definitive end. All the while in the process, the Revolutionary Army, specifically Betty, has helped empower the overwhelmed nation to take back their freedom with their own hands and efforts. Through their actions, the Revolutionary Army are helping to inspire the people to fight for themselves and to depend on themselves.

One Piece chapter 904 - The Revolutionary Army

This should be exciting

With such a positive liberation, not even the propaganda of the World Government will hold much weight in swaying how those saved by the Revolutionary Army will view them from here on out. To them, they view those who helped empower them as heroes of freedom. Beyond just this one nation, the Revolutionary Army has been operating for years and has helped assist many nations within the world. The Revolutionary Army’s convictions extend beyond their own boundaries and once their declare their intentions regarding the Tenryuubito to the rest of world, I’m sure several nations around the world who have come to experience the reach of the Revolutionary Army won’t have any issue with not going against the Revolutionary Army.

Turning to the executives, what a weird bunch with such strange distinctive characteristics. I don’t even know where to begin with Morley; a spear-wielding underground dwelling feminist Giant with a tendency towards misinterpreting the stares he receives as ones filled with longing and lust. Karasu from what we have seen is a very sensitive individual about his low pitched voice and being unheard despite having a twisted beastly body. Karasu has the ability to control crows and requires the equipment of Lindbergh in order to be heard. Lindbergh appears to be the most rational as shown when he contacted Sabo and let him know that the Executives will be a bit delayed after having taken a slight detour to save a nation. He does though reveal himself as having an uncontrollable excitement for showcasing his inventions. Betty, within the torrent of her sharp dialog, you are washed over by words that empower and inspire. The wielder of the Cheer-Cheer Devil Fruit and seemingly the leader of the Executives and the one most representative of the Revolutionary Army’s ideals and spirits. She may look like a delinquent but after seeing her reward the townspeople who fought alongside her with Pinkbeard’s bounty, she has established herself as a very cool and honest individual.

With the Reveries only two days out, how exactly will the Revolutionary Army involve themselves? And once they do get involved, how will the Tenryuubito respond? What I am most excited for is what the Straw Hat Pirates will achieve in those two days before the worlds nations meet. Will Kaidou be dealt with in that time or will a new “legendary” enemy reveal themselves to challenge the Straw Hat Pirates? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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