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One Piece Chapter 901 – Against The Odds


One Piece chapter 901 - Luffy and Jinbe

That’s an interesting development surrounding Jinbe, will he official join in Wano when the whole crew regathers?

How wild. How creatively shrewd Oda-sensei. So the events in the previous chapter actually occurred. Rather than any sort of delusion or memory altering ability, the Straw Hat Pirates escaped out of sheer will and through the presence of their allies. Wadatsumi did what only he could do and that was to switch the Thousand Sunny with the Sun Pirates Ship and attempt to escape with the Straw Hat Pirates stored inside his mouth. He almost got away but now with the Sun Pirates helmed by their Captain, the “Knight of the Sea” Jinbe, the Straw Hat Pirates should be able gain enough distance to escape. The only obstacle left now, Big Mom.

Somehow I’m annoyed by Oven, he was comprehensively beaten by the Germa (Ichiji) but because the plot needs him to, he has gained Admiral level abilities by being able to boil a massive area of the sea and having the ability to shoot homing heat waves in the ocean to stop Wadatsumi from escaping. Oven couldn’t even sense Sanji at casual pace attacking him (Sanji could attack faster), he couldn’t even dodge a bullet from Bege as he failed to threaten Bege. For him now to be able to sense Wadatsumi from so far away and have such adept handling of his abilities, it goes against how his character was built up. It would be a different matter if Cracker, Katakuri, Smoothie or even Snack were the ones preventing the Straw Hat Pirates from escaping, but Oven…his character is a joke.

One Piece chapter 901 - Moscato Alive

Hello Moscato, I was waiting for you to show up!

I noticed you Mascato, looks like you didn’t die. Good to see Oda-sensei remaining consistent with his ‘no pointless present time character death philosophy [unless relevant to moving the story forward]’. Regardless of how desperate readers are to want to believe that the story entering the New World equals more deaths, Oda-sensei has time and time again proven how consistent he has been with how he handles present-time character deaths in the story, that is very carefully and intentionally. The two characters currently in a state of limbo – Pedro and Pound – will eventually be revealed by Oda-sensei to be alive. Not even that underworld emperor, Du Feld, will remain “dead” for long.

I was so sure Pudding utilised her ability in the previous chapter but it turns out that Oda-sensei is saving her character up for something else. With Big Mom now on her way to stop the Straw Hat Pirates will Pudding be the key in preventing Big Mom from doing so? Pudding could force Big Mom to realise the truth behind the wedding cake which Big Mom fell into ecstasy eating by having Big Mom “view” her memories. This will add doubt in Big Mom’s mind. At this time as Big Mom reminisces about her childhood friends and Mother Caramel, Pudding could come to learn about Streusen and the incident that began it all. It seems fitting that what began it all would be the cause that unravels it all. If Big Mom does come to realise she was the one who ended her beloved Mother Caramel and friends, how severe will her reaction be? Would it buy the Straw Hat Pirates enough time to escape Totto Land?

One Piece chapter 901 - Morgan's declaration

I’ve just become interested in you Morgans…

While Morgans may not have any power to affect the current outcome, his capability to publicize a narration can dramatically affect how the world views the current events. Fortunately for the Straw Hat Pirates, “Big News” Morgans has taken an interest in the Straw Hat Pirates upsetting the status quo. Morgans may be on the path to becoming a Straw Hat fan and have just become a recurring character whom follows the Straw Hat Pirates and their alliance members in their chaotic upheavals throughout the New World.

With Jinbe and the Sun Pirates holding off the bulk of the Big Mom Pirates, will this allow Jinbe the opportunity to get a battle to feature in? And if so, will it be against Oven? or Smoothie? or Snack? Still very interested to see what happened to Caesar. Has he found Pedro’s dying body and saved it to use for experiments later on? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 901 – Against The Odds

  1. the wiki officially states jinbe as a member of the straw hats as of this chapter. so, who’ll join after jinbe? if we go by the patter, we may have a female join. as I doubt carrot.

    • Regardless of any sort of “pattern”, I am sure Oda is conscious of the imbalance within the crew. The story will dictate who shall join next, all we got to be is cognizant of the subtleties Oda drops and has already revealed.

      At the moment, going by how the story is developing within the New World I feel there is a key role void that a new nakama can fill (not really a traditional pirate role).

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