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One Piece Chapter 900 – The Drug Called Deliciousness

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One Piece chapter 900 - The Big Mom Pirates 2

The madness of what could be…

What terror. What destruction. What malignity. What madness. What deliciousness. What a reaction. Arriving along with the 900th chapter is the end of the Straw Hat Pirates or so it was portrayed as being. The Straw Hat Pirates weren’t destroyed, well more accurately, they can’t be, which in turn leaves the developments in the current chapter very curious. Why were such events shown? How do these events add to the story of this arc and move it forward? Did what we see really happen? Such questions beg answers and what we will most likely get is the answer being an imagined scenario manifested within the minds of the disillusioned.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities of what could have happened: 1) the Straw Hat Pirates ship was hit but they escaped, 2) Big Mom overwhelmed by the deliciousness of the wedding cake has imagined such events leading to her complete victory, or 3) Pudding has cast a wide area of effect mind altering ability that has enslaved all the enemies of the Straw Hat Pirates under the heel of its illusion. There is also the unlikely yet plausible fourth possibility where the Straw Hat Pirates were destroyed but an individual who can reverse the flow of time will appear. Bad End Musical, make way for Good End Escape. Personally, I’m inclined to believe the events have something to do with Pudding.

Through Chiffon’s realisation of Sanji’s talent, we as readers are reminded how capable a chef Sanji is. Despite Sanji’s lack of battle focus, we are receiving ample focus surrounding Sanji’s passion for cooking to point of him being able to deafen the reality of a Yonko’s wrath overarching the current arc events. Sanji believes in his culinary abilities and with him now renewed with the faith of his crew members, Sanji is operating at full capacity. The current focus on his cooking abilities are necessary to keep his character and cooking in general relevant and wholly entrenched within his desires of achieving what cooks before him have been unable to accomplish which primarily defines his dream. The current focus concerning Sanji may not be the desired focus but it does help develop a part of Sanji that carries the most importance.

One Piece chapter 900 - The Big Mom Pirates 1

The joy of happier days

I am not exactly sure what Pudding meant when she revealed her last request to Sanji but it may have to do with the current events and the “reality” that is being shown. If Pudding can force the homies to remember their souls past, Pudding may have the ability to rewrite the current events her target or targets are viewing. Oda-sensei has been saving Pudding up for something and if not this, than what exactly does Oda-sensei have planned for Pudding?

It is not easy merging cooking within a battle narrative but Oda-sensei has done a successful job fusing the two. Very much looking forward to seeing the Straw Hat Pirates escape and the ensuing chaos that will erupt around the world at the news that a Yonko was bested in their territory by a handful of rookies gets out in the public domain. Congratulations on 900 chapters One Piece!

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