One Piece Chapter 899 – Escaping Totto Land

One Piece chapter 899 - The Sun Pirates

The Sun Pirates appear!

With Luffy now back on the Thousand Sunny, the crew can finally focus their efforts on escaping but having sailed too close to Cacao Island, they have left themselves open to being cornered by the Big Mom Pirates. Fortunately, the allies of the Straw Hat Pirates have resolved to assist them and with the exit rapidly closing, the Sun Pirates appear to pry open the path to escape again. The Germa, Firetank Pirates, Mink tribe and Sun Pirates have all cast their fates in with the Straw Hat Pirates and gambled on the man named Monkey D. Luffy.

While it is necessary for the Big Mom Pirates to focus their efforts on the Straw Hat Pirates, their lack of concern for the third parties assisting the Straw Hat Pirates have ultimately paved the path toward the hole they now find themselves spiralling down within. Their arrogance, conceit, overconfidence and sheer refusal to accept reality have blinded them to floor crumbling beneath their feet. The Big Mom Pirates defeat is inevitable and now with Morgans and Stussy escaping the Big Mom Pirates, news of the Big Mom Pirates defeat to a bunch of rookies will spread as well.

One Piece chapter 899 - Luffy

That’s so Luffy, I love it!

Being a central character within this arc, Sanji has yet to have his moment of focus. Combat-wise Sanji has been grossly ignored and may not even get a proper fight to feature in before the arc concludes. With time running out and the majority of the main Big Mom Pirates defeated, there does not seem to be space for Sanji to get his deserved coverage in battle. Notable Big Mom Pirates remaining include Smoothie, Daifuku, Snack and Perospero. Sanji won’t go all out against a female and Perospero is grossly injured after taking the explosion Pedro unleashed point blank. If Sanji were to get focus in battle, it would most likely be against Daifuku. There is Snack, the former Sweet Commander defeated by the Mad Monk Urogue, but he hasn’t received much focus to warrant challenging Sanji. If Snack were to get some late focus within this arc, it would be exciting to see Sanji match up against a former Sweet Commander.

One Piece chapter 899 - Sanji and Judge

It’s time to look passed your limited perspective, Judge

While fans would love see Sanji express his capabilities in battle, this arc seems to have its focus targeted towards highlighting Sanji as a chef even if it does come at the expense of Sanji’s portrayal in battle. Sanji’s focus as a chef seems destined to illustrate wholeheartedly to Judge just how much of his mother’s will and heart Sanji has inherited. Through Sanji, his kindness and his cooking ability, Judge will come to learn how foolish it was to disregard Sora’s words. “Strength” is a concept far exceeding Judge’s expectations. Potentially Judge may even begin to journey down the path of self-discovery and redemption with his perceptions of power, strength and dominance shattered.

Big Mom is about to devour the Wedding Cake and the impossibility of the situation being made apparent through the crippling despair of the Totto Land residents has set-up Sanji’s capabilities as a cook perfectly. Sanji is going to exceed the impossible and showcase not only to Totto Land’s inhabitants but to his family as well just how passionate he is about cooking. The world will come to know of cooking surpassing imagination.

One Piece chapter 899 - impossible situation

Will you finally get the recognition you deserve Sanji?

Looking forward to the next chapter to see what Big Mom’s reaction will be when she taste the Wedding Cake. This whole arc has been building up to this moment when Big Mom is felled by the deliciousness of the Wedding Cake dispersing her rage. I am also interested to find out how Bege, Chiffon and the Firetank Pirates will escape Puff Island.

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