One Piece Chapter 898 – The Terror Of The Germa

The Germa VS The Big Mom Pirates

Within the heart of Cacao Island darkness descends to shield the Straw Hat Pirates from the assault of those eager to take their heads. Injured and targeted, Sanji carries Luffy toward the safety of the Thousand Sunny with the assistance of the Germa 66 who seek to express their terror onto the flesh of their betrayers. And with that in mind and filled with vengence, they unleash onto the Big Mom Pirates.

In contrast to how the Germa 66 were introduced, they have come to acknowledge their failings in both their trust in the Big Mom Pirates and in their perception of Sanji. With their inability to see through the true character of Big Mom, they have become open to the reality that they may have been wrong in their determination of Sanji, especially after they were saved by Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates. The Vinsmoke family, regardless of whether they expressly admit it, have accepted Sanji as one of them and wish to make up for their past rejection of him. The Germa 66 arriving to protect Sanji and Luffy expresses exactly how much they now acknowledge their brother.

I knew Katakuri’s defeat would be revealed at some point, but I didn’t expect Katakuri’s defeat to be made public so soon. Although even with that knowledge, the Big Mom Pirates are finding it hard to accept the reality and have begun to direct their frustration and anger toward the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite their refusal to accept the situation, Katakuri’s defeat has set-up an escape filled with intensity which in turn has made Sanji’s efforts and the reintroduction of the Germa 66 satisfyingly exhilarating. The Big Mom Pirates can’t let Luffy escape, the Germa 66 can’t let the Big Mom Pirates get away with their betrayal and the Straw Hat Pirates can’t let themselves be captured. Unfortunately for the Big Mom Pirates, they have made too many enemies and grossly underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy’s comment to Katakuri and this chapters title indicate that the Straw Hat Pirates will return to defeat Big Mom but after having an arc focused completely on the Big Mom Pirates and the Charlotte Family that has been running longing than Oda-sensei initially expected, I doubt we will get a future arc dedicated solely on the Straw Hat Pirates returning to Totto Land to battle the Big Mom Pirates. At best the Straw Hat Pirates will return on their way back to Fishman Island. The Big Mom Pirates have had their moment in focus, they are on course to be defeated and have served their purpose in challenging the Straw Hat Pirates and developing the story and One Piece world. The only character that could be relevant as an antagonist in a future arc is Big Mom herself in the inevitable Elbaf Arc. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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