One Piece Chapter 897 – The Germa 66 Arrives

One Piece chapter 897 - The Germa 66 Arrives

Show them the terror of the Vinsmoke name!

Finally, we get to see the Germa 66 in action and what they are capable of in all their scientific and heartless glory. The Germa 66 may have started as antagonist but over the course of the arc, they have transformed into a faction that WILL become valuable allies to the Straw Hat Pirates in the future. As things are, they are already assisting the Straw Hat Pirates in clearing the Big Mom Pirates blocking their path and helping with retrieving a fatigued Luffy. The Big Mom Pirates have grossly underestimated the Germa 66 and are now paying for it completely – when you expose your back to an assassin, you are asking to be stabbed.

The Germa didn’t get a proper showing earlier in the arc when the Big Mom Pirates caught them off guard but now with the positions reversed, the Germa have the opportunity to return the favour to strike true terror in those who sought to betray them. I am still hoping for a Reiju VS Smoothie battle. Hopefully when Sanji carries Luffy to the Thousand Sunny, Reiju follows them. She could engage Smoothie and her fleet with the Germa fleet and prevent them from pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece chapter 897 - Explosion at Cacao Island Port

That’s your destiny calling, Oven…an inevitable defeat

Pekoms story has established the close bond he had with Pedro and how even in his enraged Moon Lion state, the one voice Pekoms could still hear was Pedro’s. Pedro was Pekoms savior and with Pedro sacrificing himself for the Straw Hat Pirates, Pekoms has taken it upon himself to continue Pedro’s will and to ensure that the Straw Hat Pirates escape Totto Land safely. Even if it means betraying the Big Mom Pirates or sacrificing his own life, Pekoms will see to it that Pedro’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. It is a romantic resolution of will from Pekoms, taking up the will of Pedro and carrying it regardless of the cost. It will be moving to see Pekoms reaction when he finds out Pedro is still alive.

Will the Big Mom Pirates ever find out that Katakuri was defeated or will that be a moment between Luffy and Katakuri? The result has been achieved, Luffy won, there is no further reason to warrant the expression of Katakuri’s defeat to the rest of the Big Mom Pirates and world. Even if the Big Mom Pirates found out Katakuri was defeated, I doubt any will believe Luffy managed to defeat Katakuri in a fair fight without using any questionable methods, Brulee surely doesn’t and she saw Katakuri with his back on the ground, defeated. I’m perfectly fine with the public not knowing that Luffy defeated the strongest of Big Mom’s crew members. With the news that the Big Mom Pirates tea party was interrupted, the wedding ceremony stopped, their castle destroyed, their Sweet Commanders defeated, their information network disabled, their allies betrayal (Capone Bege), their Captain fooled and the crew unable to protect their territory, there should be plenty there to express to the world that the Big Mom Pirates were completely and utterly defeated by a bunch of rookie pirates.

One Piece chapter 897 - Sanji knocks downs Raisan

It’s all on you now, Sanji! Let’s go!

Sanji had a short moment to shine when he stopped Raisan and knocked him down but now that he is free from the shackles of the arranged marriage, it surely is time for him to get a significant scene to be focused in. Sanji desperately needs those moments to bring his fighting capabilities in line with the level Luffy and Zoro are at as fighters. Even if there isn’t much time left in the arc for a one vs one battle, Sanji can at the very least be highlighted in evading the enemies after him while he carries Luffy to the Thousand Sunny. I suppose we still have the tasting of Sanji’s wedding cake to look forward. How “influential” can the flavours of a wedding cake be? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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