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One Piece Chapter 890 – The Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom


One Piece chapter 890 - Jinbe lands an attack Big Mom

What will be interesting is whether Jinbe’s attacks will evolve through the remainder of the story

With Big Mom’s hunger growing so to is her fury which is now erupting onto the Straw Hat Pirates. As she rampages on board the Thousand Sunny, you can feel the desperation within Big Mom’s anger and see just how single-minded she has become. Intent on tasting the Wedding Cake, she has become unconcerned with her own well-being and is pushing herself passed her limits in hopes of satisfying the abyss that is her appetite. Oblivious to the truth, Big Mom continues to rage, without end. Burning through her vitality, tiring her body and most importantly deepening the hunger eating away at her being, Big Mom is straining herself beyond the familiar and into the unknown. How long will Big Mom last? And how satisfying with the taste of the Wedding Cake be when she does inevitably end up eating it?

If Jinbe were not there, I don’t believe the Thousand Sunny would have survived Big Mom’s onslaught, an onslaught driven by a maddening craving. Jinbe tries to rationalise with Big Mom but ultimately Big Mom falls back onto the lies spun onto her and continues her assault on the Straw Hat Pirates. Jinbe’s feats in this chapter were impressive; he managed to block Big Mom and Napoleon’s attack, drench Big Mom in water causing Prometheus’s flames to weaken and land a solid on Big Mom that forced her off the Thousand Sunny. Thanks to the focus Jinbe has been getting recently, we are beginning to see how relevant he can be as the Straw Hat Pirates continue their journey across the New World all the while targeted by the Yonko and other shadowed powers.

One Piece chapter 890 - Jinbe blocks Big Mom's attack

What a tank Jinbe!

Brook continues to impress me, on top of all that he has achieved in the current arc, he still continues to be a counter to Big Mom’s power, even if only fractionally. Alongside Brook whom split Zeus in two, Nami utilises the opportunity to force Zeus to discharge by using her Static Electricity Black Ball. Taking Zeus out and buying a few precious seconds to escape with Big Mom zapped, the Straw Hat Pirates without their main heavy hitters illustrate how resourceful they can be when their join together to fight.

Expectedly, Big Mom is still standing and more enraged now. Zeus has been reduced to his weakened state and now finds himself on the Thousand Sunny in the hands of Nami whom once again offers Zeus the chance to become her slave (poor Zeus). With the exposition Nami and Zeus have gotten in the current arc, will Zeus join up with Nami? Will Oda-sensei have Zeus join with Nami? There is no denying that Nami can bring out the abilities of Zeus and if she does have access to Zeus, her fighting style will evolve once again toward a very fascinating direction. Nami would be able use Zeus for air battles and discharge her electric attacks on a more powerful scale. I am not against this idea, in fact I am excited at the very possibility.

One Piece chapter 890 - Brook splits Zeus in two

Not even a Yonko can react to Brook’s speed during that attack, how cool

This chapter is effectively the Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom battle, and with Jinbe receiving a substantial focus, it displays how Jinbe will work as part of the Straw Hat Pirates when he does officially join. Contrastingly, it also seals any chance Carrot may have had as a Straw Hat Pirate candidate. Personally, I never believed Carrot as a potential Straw Hat Pirate candidate as she was too bland and forgettable during her introductory arc and for the majority of the Totland Island arc but given how Oda-sensei has specifically rendered Carrot out of commission for the current Straw Hat Pirate VS Big Mom battle, it becomes obvious to see how Oda-sensei intends to handle Carrot. Oda-sensei could have easily written Carrot into this battle if he wanted to by allowing her Moon Lion form to last a bit longer but he wanted to showcase how the Straw Hat Pirates currently on the Thousand Sunny faired against a Yonkou in battle. He wanted to display the synergy between the members and how Jinbe could be useful in future battles. By not highlighting Carrot within this chapter he is implicitly stating through his writing that he has no intention of writing Carrot as part of the Straw Hat Pirates in the future.

It is only a matter of time before Sanji arrives with the Wedding Cake and Luffy blast through mirror world with a defeated Katakuri. As enraged as Big Mom currently is, she has no idea what her inevitable fate is, none of the Big Mom Pirates do and it is going to be exhilarating to see their consuming arrogance turned on its head when finally they realise what is happening. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One Piece chapter 890 - Colour spread

Happy 2018! [From left to right: Big Mom: Pig, Cavendish & Farul: Horse, Mansherry: Rat, Momonosuke: Dragon, Fujitora: Tiger, Carrot: Rabbit, Luffy: Monkey, Marco: Rooster, Minotaurus: Ox, Kalifa: Goat, Hancock & Salome: Snake, Minotaurus: Dog]

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 890 – The Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom

  1. love your reviews. also, I’m really worried about jinbe. if you look carefully throughout the rest of the chapter, after being thrown off the ship by big mom’s cognac sword, his left arm is not shown again for the rest of the chapter. I think he may have had it cut off from her attack.

    • Really? I didn’t even notice that his left arm wasn’t shown after that. Hmmmmmm, wouldn’t the crew have made a big deal of a lost arm if they saw Jinbe? Could they have not seen the injury yet or is the injury not as bad as that? There was blood when Jinbe was knocked off the ship, so it will be interesting to see the extent of his injury in the following chapters.

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