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One Piece Chapter 889 – Big Mom’s Transformation

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One Piece chapter 889 - Big Mom's transformation

She’s angry…

If Big Mom wasn’t strong enough already, she has now entered a state that surpasses even her rage induced frenzy. Who exactly is Charlotte Linlin and how did she get so powerful? Her further rise in strength further supports Big Mom being taken out by the cake Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon have made. No one comes close to Big Mom’s strength currently and other than Big Mom falling from the satisfaction of having tasted the sweetest treat she never knew existed, I don’t see any other way to defeat her based on the information we currently have available.

The basis behind Big Mom’s current power up is most likely due to her fragmented soul regathering. Prometheus mentioned that what makes Zeus, Napolean and himself special is the way they were given life. A portion of Linlin’s soul was used to give life to them. By separating her soul, Big Mom has effectively separated her power and now with her regathering the separated pieces of her soul, she has regained the power associated with those fragments. Given Zeus and Prometheus’s power they displayed earlier in this arc, it seems likely that Big Mom used a sizeable portion of her soul to give them life. So it makes sense that with her rejoining her soul, the rise in power she will receive is substantial.

One Piece chapter 889 - Big Mom lands on the Thousand Sunny


If only the rest of the Big Mom Pirates were close to the strength of Big Mom, so that they could make up for the complete retards they have displayed themselves as being. Daifuku joins the list of unfortunate characters defeated by their own arrogance and stupidity. Each and every one of the Big Mom Pirates have become intoxicated by the perception of Big Mom powers that they have become too narrow-minded to not be blinded by their own disillusionment – Cracker, Mont d’Or, Katakuri, Oven, Daifuki, Perospero. I am going to go out on a limb (not really) and wager Perospero will have a hand (I would say hands but…) in his own inevitable defeat.

Capone’s reactions to the taste of the Wedding Cake cream was great. Initially unconvinced that Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon’s cooking could create a cake that would take care of Big Mom, upon tasting their efforts, he himself found himself in a state of utter bliss. Despite what Capone proposing about poisoning the Wedding Cake making sense, it is great to see Sanji display his chef’s pride once again. Right or wrong, as a Cook, he continues to maintain the code taught to him. I am excited to see the reactions of everyone when Big Mom taste the Wedding Cake.

One Piece chapter 889 - Sanji's pride as a cook

I understand Pudding, I feel the same =)

With Big Mom now on the Thousand Sunny, the crew will have to find a way to either force her off the ship or convince her that the Wedding Cake is not on the ship. With the current destructive power Big Mom possesses, they won’t have any chance defeating her or enduring her raging on the ship for long. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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