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One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation


One Piece chapter 888 - Carrot's Moon Lion Transformation

Carrot’s Moon Lion Transformation

With a Full Moon revealing itself during the Tea Party event in Totland we finally get a glimpse at what the Mink’s Full Moon transformation is like. More than just sending the Mink into a feral state, the Moon transformation matures the Mink and enhances their capabilities. As for the white hair in that state, we will have to wait to see if the white hair is consistent through other Mink’s transformations or whether it is specific to just Carrot. What we can confirm is that the power associated with the Full Moon transformation is real.

With Carrot’s transformation, I have to admit that was quite cool. It leaves me excited for the transformations of the other more senior Minks. With their experience, what sort of damage can they do during a Full Moon? What we know so far is that the Moon Transformation enhances a Mink’s speed and power. We can presume it also strengthens their durability but we cannot confirm the extent to which their healing and defense are increased. I bring this up because somewhere within Totland, Pedro is alive hanging onto life and if during the Full Moon his recovery rate improves, it may well be the factor which saves his life. Pedro is not dying in this arc, not yet anyway. Be it through the Full Moon or his soul stolen by Big Mom returning to him, Pedro will survive.

Carrot attacks the Big Mom Pirates

What are you thinking Chopper?

Back to Carrot, she finally gets to do something useful; a scene in which to stand out, a moment in which express her relevance as a character within this arc and an enemy with whom she can be highlighted against. It has been a long time coming. Based on Carrot’s actions of incapacitating the enemy ships steering, what will likely happen is the eventual collision of the Big Mom Pirate ships. A hole will open in the wall of enemy ships to allow the Straw Hat Pirates to escape their current predicament. Big Mom will continue to give chase but without being surrounded, the Straw Hat Pirates can continue sailing towards Bege’s ship where Sanji and Co. are currently preparing the wedding cake.

The full moon will likely last long enough until the Straw Hat Pirates make it to Bege’s ship, giving Carrot a fair amount of time to showcase the Mink Moon Transformation form. While this is Carrot’s moment to shine, once the Full Moon disappears, her relevance will likely wane in kind and her job of introducing the Mink Moon Transformation form will be done.

One Piece chapter 888 - Luffy VS Katakuri

You digging yourself into a hole there Katakuri…

Luffy VS Katakuri, so the second round begins and Luffy has expressed his intent to defeat Katakuri. Unfortunately for Katakuri, he hasn’t learned, he is still underestimating Luffy, blind to the possibility that Luffy has the capability of defeating him. After everything Katakuri has seen both in real time and with his Kenbunshoku Haki, after Katakuri admitted that Luffy lasted longer than he expected, after Katakuri witnessed the damage the Straw Hat Pirates have done to the Big Mom Pirates, after failing to finish Luffy off once already, after having his secret exposed, after being given the slip by Luffy and left trapped within Mirror World, Katakuri still retains his arrogance and unjustified confidence in his complete superiority. Katakuri is in for a severe rude awakening and will deserve it. When you lie flat defeated on the ground, you will only have yourself to blame, Katakuri…

What is up with Big Mom losing weight? Does her enraged state burn that much energy? What exactly would happen if Big Mom were to exhaust all of her energy, would she eventually knock herself out? I honestly didn’t expect this and now I am wondering where Oda-sensei could go with such a development. When Big Mom eventually loses control over herself, will the souls trapped inside her be released?

I love how the Big Mom Pirates recognise Jinbe’s skill and experience as a Helmsman and doubts being able to catch up to the Straw Hat Pirates with Jinbe steering the ship. I can’t wait to see what scenarios Oda-sensei creates to highlight Jinbe’s role as a Helmsman when he officially joins the Straw Hat Pirates. I also look forward to learning if there is a connection between the Fishman Island drugs Hody utilised and the Mink Moon Transformation. Very much looking forward to the next chapter. Also congratulations on reaching chapter 888 Oda-sensei!

3 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation

  1. I think carrot will just disable the rudders on some of the ships, as she can’t take on dozens of ships by herself, but maybe just the ones in the way.
    Chopper may think of a way to stabilize the sulong form via a new rumble ball.
    I think that since big mom is losing weight likely cause she uses a ton of energy in that sickness form of hers. and she also loses control of her hold on her homies, which would explain why zeus and king baum disobeyed her. I’m thinking that once she loses consciousness (or on her way to the cake) all the homies all across totto land (minus her special homies), will be killed and have the souls return to their original owners, and pedro may end up regaining his lost 50 years.

    also, many think carrot is going to join the crew later (that and/or pedro) but I’m still unsure given she doesn’t fully fit the straw hat criteria yet (tragic past, lost loved one unless you count pedro) but her dream may be to explore the world I suppose. plus, they already have a talking animal, chopper.

    • I agree, Carrot may only end up taking out a few of the Big Mom Pirates ships in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates path. With Jinbe there, I’m sure he could maneuver the ship through a slight opening.

      Personally if Chopper is going to develop a new rumble ball, I would prefer it if he uses the Sulong form as inspiration rather than directly translating the effects of the state into a rumble ball. Chopper developing a new rumble ball form that is inspired by the Sulong form would be much more creative than outright copying it.

      What would be hilarious is if Zeus ends up following Nami after this arc. I really enjoyed how she “motivated” Zeus to work with her.

      As for Carrot’s Straw Hat Pirate nakama potential, I believe it is non-existent. From the moment she was introduced nothing about her screamed “nakama candidate”. Her design is too bland, her personality isn’t interesting enough and I don’t see her contributing anything substaintial to the crew. Unlike with Jinbe who offers his amazing Helmsman skill, his experience as both a pirate and someone who can broker alliances, his water bending, his ability to communicate with marine life and his immense strength, Carrot in relation severely pales in comparison. I can’t see Oda taking such a creative step back for a Nakama candidate that comes after Jinbe. And yeah Chopper is already the cute young mascot animal that can transform in the Straw Hat Pirate crew.

  2. yeah, I don’t see carrot joining, but after jinbe that would make 10 total members, as if I remember, luffy wants 10 and he doesn’t count, so that’s 9. as for who would join after jinbe, I’ve got a theory about hancock possibly later on:

    as when reviere happens, all hell will break loose, I’m sure. as the shichibukai system will be addressed with the most recent events (doffy and crocodile trying to take over a kingdom, blackbeard taking prisoners from impel down, moria taking others shadows, weevil killing civilians, etc) I honestly don’t see how this would not be brought up about all the faults that system has on the world.

    as once it is resolved, I doubt the marines would allow Amazon Lily to stay safe due to being labeled as a “pirate kingdom”. I think, that the world nobles, once they learn about amazon lily being an island of only women, who are mostly attractive, will demand all of them as slaves, it wouldn’t surprise me. they’d likely send CP0. I say cp0 not just cause of their connection to the world nobles, but they are also called cp aegis has a connection to hancock’s character. Hancock is also referenced as Athena, who turned others into monsters (via medusa, who’s powers are like hancock) was turned into a monster with powers via the world nobles. Athena’s aegis is usually shown with a border of snakes and with the head of Medusa in the center. It is more an emblem of protection and power than an actual military shield.

    plus, if, theoretically, luffy and co. did go to marijois to rescue her, we’d likely learn about the National treasure doffy said, which I think is maybe a weapon. and after they are saved, maybe she’ll go with the crew, as if she helps in the fight with kaido that would be a vital asset to the team.

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