One Piece Chapter 887 – A Father’s Love, A Father’s Duty

One Piece chapter 887 - Pound


So this is what Pound’s story has been building up towards. Discarded by Linlin from the day his daughters were born and banished from the Charlotte family never to be allowed to see his daughters until today. The joy welling up inside Pound at the sight of his daughter being happy motivated Pound to lay his very life on the line to protect that happiness. In the end, in order to ensure Chiffon and her family escaped, Pound confronted Oven and drew away Oven’s wrath from Chiffon towards himself.

Pound’s “sacrifice” was quite powerful emotionally. The sorrowful nature of that moment was more heartwrenching with the obliviousness of Chiffon of not knowing who Pound was to her. Deep down I am sure all the readers or at least the majority of them wanted Chiffon to witness the bravery of her father and that despite having a mother like Big Mom who despised her, she has another parent who would do anything for her.

Now with that said, Pound is not dead. I guarantee you that Oda-sensei is playing with the readers emotion and will reveal Pound alive once the current arc events are dealt with. Oda-sensei will do the same for Pedro and Moscato (possibly once their soul fragments stolen by Big Mom are returned to them). This is the writing style of Oda-sensei built up by 887 chapters. Oda-sensei rarely kills off present time characters unless their deaths can move forward the story of One Piece such as how Ace and Whitebeard’s deaths substantially evolved the story. Pound dying now contributes nothing especially with Pound still having to meet Lola and for his daughters to learn who their father really is. The obvious reluctance to avoid fully showing the moment Oven slashes Pound is incredibly telling about Oda-sensei’s intention.

One Piece chapter 887 - Sanji

❤ Pudding

Another built-up theme by Oda-sensei in recent times is one focusing on the Eleven Supernovas and the unique nature of the ships they sail. The Straw Hat Pirate ship can fly, Law’s ship is a submarine, and now we learn that Bege’s ship is amphibious allowing it to also travel on land. Given that consistent theme, I am curious to learn how the other Eleven Supernovas ships are special – will one of them have a ship that can travel underground? Kid’s ship equipped with a metal drill?

The other focus in this chapter was Oven and how idiotic he is. Why are so many of the Big Mom Pirates such retards? Does Oven REALLY want the wedding cake to be destroyed and Big Mom to continue rampaging across Totland until everything is destroyed? I swear some of the Big Mom Pirates don’t think about the consequences of their actions and instead are emotionally sensitive and high on their arrogance of being a Yonko crew. Ah, the faster the Big Mom Pirates are defeated, the better. Hurry up Germa 66 and crush these fools who call themselves the crew of a Yonko.

One Piece chapter 887 - Oven's fury

Does Oven realise what he is doing?

It is only a matter of time now until Sanji and Co. completes the wedding cake and serves it to Big Mom. The climax between Luffy and Katakuri’s fight is also not far away. What exactly does Luffy have planned to combat Katakuri’s Kenbunshoku Haki? And will Big Mom eating the wedding really work out as expected? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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2 Responses to One Piece Chapter 887 – A Father’s Love, A Father’s Duty

  1. I seekmsn says:

    once this arc is over, big mom will likely go on a rampage demanding who is at fault for all the shit that happened to her and her humiliation. cause if you think about it, most of her crew and family are responsible for the way the straw hats are close to escaping:

    Pekoms: he helped the crew get into tottoland in the first place.

    Brulee: she underestimated the crew, got captured (now more than once) and they used her powers to escape and travel unseen. and it doesn’t help since she knows brook has copies of her stones

    Opera: he lied about what happened to Nami and Luffy to save punishment. if he just told the truth, then they may have just put more guards around the wedding and/or postponed it.

    Smoothie: she knew about Jinbe revolting but didn’t tell big mom due to not wanting to deal with her rage and hid it from others. plus, if she just stayed in the treasure room and not left just cause she felt like it, brook never would have gotten inside when he did.

    Pudding: she blabbed the whole plan to reiju and not knowing sanji heard every word and allowed him to think up a plan to counter the wedding. now she’s even trying to help them escape, big mom will likely do something (I doubt she’ll kill her since she needs her to awaken the power to read ponyglyphs).

    Pespero: if he wasn’t such a talkative arrogant dumbass and just kill his enemies when he had the chance (the vinsmokes, chopper and brook, etc) then they would not have escaped. he toyed with his enemies far too long and allowed them to escape.

    Katakuri: if he didn’t try to kill sanji during the wedding then the whole thing may not have gone of the rails so fast. also, if he just bothered to make sure luffy was dead instead of being impatient for his snack time luffy wouldn’t have found out his weakness.

    • Syphin says:

      Hah, the Big Mom Pirates really did dig themselves into a hole. With Brulee, I’m finding it hilarious how the Straw Hat Pirates are continually exploiting her very useful abilities. It is a double-edged sword type of ability and the Straw Hat Pirates are definitely making good use of Brulee while they have her. Loving how it allows Luffy to travel anyway around Totland.

      Very interested to see where Big Mom ends up at the end of this arc. She is too powerful to be defeated in battle by the current Straw Hat Pirates but she will be stopped at the end of this arc to allow the Straw Hat Pirates to escape. Maybe even some of her stolen souls will be released if the deliciousness of the wedding cake critically hits her. Will Big Mom be disposed of by a third party at the end – CP0? Or will her relevance extend to the inevitable Elbaf Arc?

      The extensive focus the Big Mom Pirates have received in the current arc makes me doubt Oda using them again for the Elbaf Arc unless Big Mom is the relevant Big Mom Pirate in that arc. Whatever happens, I am excited to see how Oda wraps up this arc.

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