One Piece Chapter 886 – Transcending One’s Limits

One Piece chapter 886 - Luffy's desire to get stronger

I can’t wait for the continuation of their fight

Looks like Luffy is privy to the Saiyan way of training, rather than taking the easy route and exploiting the opponents weakness, facing them at full strength can have the advantageous effect of forcing oneself passed their limits towards a new level of strength. And that level beyond his limits is exactly what Luffy is after. Luffy knows his current capabilities is not good enough and is painfully aware that in order to survive in the New World, he needs to push himself further than he has gone before. In order to force that change, he needs to face Katakuri at full power.

Once Luffy regains his Haki, how exactly will he approach this fight? What will he do differently? Luffy now knows what Katakuri is capable of and presumably won’t allow himself to be caught off guard again as severely as he was before. But even with that knowledge there is the problem of Katakuri’s Kenbunshoku Haki, which when in effect allows Katakuri to negate Luffy’s attacks as well as launch counterattacks. Luffy as he stated in this chapter will also need to heighten his Kenbunshoku Haki to see into the future if he wishes to overcome Katakuri. If Luffy can manage to do that, he can defeat Katakuri.

One Piece chapter 886 - Sanji attacks Oven

How fast can Sanji move?

Sanji’s stealth attack on Oven was amazing. Using the moment Pound attacks Oven to knock back Oven and save Chiffon all the while doing it at a speed other’s would notice, how unbelievably cool. Pudding embodied my reaction wholeheartedly. She has become such an amazing character and with each chapter she becomes more lovable. To think that I wasn’t a fan of her character at all at the start of the arc and now I cannot see the arc without her even in it. I am absolutely loving her character now. Once this arc ends and Pudding goes her separate way, what a tragic moment that will be. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for her to come back into focus in a future arc.

One Piece chapter 886 - Pudding's reaction to Sanji

This arc wouldn’t be the same without you Pudding, you are awesome

Bege, he is a much more likable character than I initially gave him credit for, especially now that we can see what a great father and husband he is. Despite his questionable “hobbies”, at his core, he is a good person. It is going to be satisfying seeing Bege take on Oven after what Oven has done to Chiffon. Bege will hold the Big Mom Pirates on Chocolat Town as Sanji and Co. head off to sea to rendezvous with Nami and Co. The way the story is going, it seems likely that the deliciousness of the wedding cake will knock Big Mom out unless Oda-sensei has a massive surprise waiting for the readers.

A full moon huh? Since it was mentioned during the Zou Arc, I have been wondering when exactly we would get to see a Mink influenced by a full moon in action. With a full moon about to reveal itself now, we will finally get to see how much more powerful a Mink becomes under it. Carrot will get her moment to shine now that she can power up temporarily. I am not sure about Pekoms as he is part of the Big Mom Pirates and adding him into the fight will mean he would have to fight the Straw Hat Pirates. As I believe Pedro is still alive, I wonder if the full moon will heighten his recovery abilities to the point where he can avoid death. Pedro’s body has suspiciously been left out of focus and because this is One Piece, until we actually get to see a corpse for a present time named character, it is doubtful that they are actually dead.

With this arc on the precipice of its climax, it is going to be exciting to see how everything concludes and effect it will have the Straw Hat Pirates name throughout the New World. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One Piece chapter 886 - colour spread

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Jinbe to be part of these wonderful colour spreads

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