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One Piece Chapter 888 – The Mink Transformation

With a Full Moon revealing itself during the Tea Party event in Totland we finally get a glimpse at what the Mink’s Full Moon transformation is like. More than just sending the Mink into a feral state, the Moon transformation … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 887 – A Father’s Love, A Father’s Duty

So this is what Pound’s story has been building up towards. Discarded by Linlin from the day his daughters were born and banished from the Charlotte family never to be allowed to see his daughters until today. The joy welling … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 886 – Transcending One’s Limits

Looks like Luffy is privy to the Saiyan way of training, rather than taking the easy route and exploiting the opponents weakness, facing them at full strength can have the advantageous effect of forcing oneself passed their limits towards a … Continue reading

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