One Piece Chapter 885 – Into The Fire

One Piece chapter 885 - Big Mom raging

Of all the places they could end up, they wind up there…

How unexpected, for Brulee to be there when Luffy needed a way to escape Katakuri while his Haki recuperates from using Gear Fourth. The absolute genius of that miracle is how it instantaneously twisted into misfortune. To have escaped Katakuri only to end up on the Island where Big Mom is raging. Of course Luffy wouldn’t be able to escape that easily but to wind up in the middle of THAT chaos, it was a complete surprise development, one which opens up the potential of this arc. How will Luffy escape Big Mom and if he escapes into a mirror with Brulee, will Katakuri allow him to escape through another mirror again?

Luffy WILL settle his fight with Katakuri, too much focus has been given their fight for it not to conclude. Before that can happen though, Luffy will first need to evade Big Mom and her crew who are all after his head while recovering his Haki so that he can utilise Gear Fourth again. Luffy will face Katakuri with Gear Fourth again and this time, he will find a way to overcome Katakuri’s Kenbunshoku Haki. It may be closer to the time when Big Mom feast on Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon’s cake that Luffy will land the finishing blow on Katakuri. His defeat would most likely be a spectacle for all to see including the Big Mom Pirates who quite frankly are high on their arrogance, ego and ignorance of being part of a Yonko’s crew. How satisfying it will be when the deliciousness of the wedding cake overwhelms Big Mom.

One Piece chapter 885 - Brulee

That was hilarious

For all the Big Mom Pirates talk about not underestimating the Straw Hat Pirates and their pride in their information gathering network, they are just like the enemies the Straw Hat Pirates fought before, just less charismatic and accepting of their flaws. The Big Mom Pirates now seek to also take on the Firetank Pirates and the Fishman Pirates when they can barely keep track of the Straw Hat Pirates. Lets also not forget about the Big Mom Pirates gross mistake of underestimating the Germa 66 and so foolishly concluding that they have been defeated. Just because Big Mom and Katakuri overwhelmed the Straw Hat Pirates, the Firetank Pirates and the Germa 66 at the wedding when the Big Mom Assassination Plot failed, they believe themselves to be unquestionably superior. Baron Tamago has expressly stated to Mont d’Or to not underestimate the Straw Hat Pirates especially after what they have currently accomplished including inspiring Pedro to do what he did a few chapters ago. Unfortunately Mont d’Or refuses to accept that the Straw Hat Pirates could be the defeat of the Big Mom Pirates, which is unfortunate for the Big Mom Pirates as Mont d’Or is the strategic co-ordinator of the Big Mom Pirates. Instead of the splitting their resources to go after the Firetank Pirates and the Fishman Pirates, the Big Mom Pirates should dedicate every single resource available towards crushing the Straw Hat Pirates, that is if they wish to avoid an embarrassing defeat by one of the New World rookies. As things are, Mont d’Or is severely underestimating the Straw Hat Pirates – he has yet to learn of the truth behind the sea slugs, Puddings plan and of the Germa 66’s terror.

One Piece chapter 885 - Big Mom Pirates

I am so looking forward to Mont d’Or’s reaction when the Germa 66 show up

Big Mom may be ridiculously strong and monstrous so much so that none of the Straw Hat Pirates or their allies could defeat her in a fight but there are ways to defeat the Big Mom Pirates without directly defeating Big Mom in the conventional sense and that is preciously what is going to happen within this current arc. The Big Mom Pirates will be defeated and the world will learn of that defeat and how a Yonko was bested by a rookie who only recently entered the New World – most likely through “Big News” Morgans who already took photos of the Whole Cake Chateau collapsing. The Straw Hat Pirates name will ring throughout the sea and all eyes who appreciated the order created by Doflamingo’s and Big Mom’s roles will turn towards the Straw Hat Pirates who unleashed an uncertain chaos within the New World. Big Mom’s name will be tarnished and they will not be viewed with the same terror as they had before being defeated. When this arc concludes what exactly will happen with Big Mom? Will she continue to be relevant given her connection to the Elbaf storyline? And if so what about her crew? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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