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One Piece Chapter 882 – Luffy VS Katakuri II

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One Piece Chapter 882 - Katakuri


Despite the obvious trouble Luffy is in, his battle with Katakuri is incredibly necessary towards him developing his fighting capabilities up to the point where he can stand against New World opponents. Much like it was with Crocodile in Paradise, the overwhelmed Luffy needed to find a way to defeat the overpowering opponent representative of the enemies he will face across that sea. In order for his crew to exist within the New World without the umbrella of the Yonko, Luffy, the Captain, needs to showcase how capable he is. And Luffy defeating Katakuri, the strongest child of Big Mom whom Brulee just built up to an insane degree, would definitely express Luffy’s capabilities boldly.

I have been wondering why Oda-sensei chose the Mochi Mochi no Mi fruit to be matched up against Luffy in the climactic battle but given the similarities in the application of their fruit there is a very logical reason as to why. If Katakuri can utilise his Mochi Mochi no Mi to mimic attacks made by a Rubberman, then it stands to reason that Luffy could mimic attacks from a Mochiman with his Gomu Gomu no Mi. Luffy is struggling at the moment but it is in such moments that he makes the most development. Luffy is surely analysing Katakuri’s attacks and at the back of his mind he is processing how to incorporate Katakuri’s attacks into his own style. Sure Luffy may not have awakened his Devil Fruit yet but by meeting opponents who have unlocked their fruits potential, it gets Luffy thinking on how to evolve his own Devil Fruit.

One Piece Chapter 882 - Luffy VS Katakuri

Oooohh, Luffy’s unleashing it!

Katakuri may have written Luffy off already but his intrigue at Luffy’s Gear Fourth will pave the way to his demise. The massive boost in capability Boundman provides may be just enough to further stress Katakuri to the point where Luffy gets the opportunity to turn the table. Based on what Brulee said and how uncomfortable Katakuri seemed to be in a stressed out state, it appears Katakuri may not have the endurance to battle for prolong periods. Which makes sense as utilising Observation Haki to the point of being able to see a few seconds into the future as Katakuri is doing would surely take a lot of energy. Luffy is used to fighting stronger opponents, Luffy is used to operating in a tired state, Luffy is used to relying on his instincts in battle, Luffy is always searching for openings in his opponent and when he gets an idea of how to exploit that weakness, he is able to turn the tables. Most importantly though is the potential for growth Luffy has. When Gear Fourth is unleashed, Katakuri will undoubtedly have a tough time facing off against Luffy. Gear Fourth isn’t some form that has been around for years, it was recently introduced and shown to be capable of defeating Doflamingo and Cracker which means that unlike Luffy’s other Gears, Gear Fourth won’t be discarded to focus on Katakuri’s overwhelming abilities, instead it will be Katakuri that is utilised to highlight the strength and potential of Gear Fourth.

One Piece Chapter 882 - The Germa 66

The Big Mom Pirates failed to eliminate the shadow of terror and now they must prepare to be engulfed by it

The Germa 66, I love them. As sinister and heartless as they appear, they make fantastic sinister and heartless allies. I honestly cannot wait for the Germa 66 to show up and throw a massive wrench within the Big Mom Pirates plans. I love their designs, I love their abilities, I love their scientific capabilities, I love their current attitudes (being indebted to the Straw Hat Pirates after being saved by them from the Big Mom Pirates), I love their current role, I love how they decimated the Big Mom Pirate’s 10,000 strong army and I know I am going to love what they are going to do the Big Mom Pirates shortly. Judge wasn’t shown but I suspect he is up to something that will negatively affect the Big Mom Pirates. I also have a feeling Caesar and Judge will run into each other during this arc. At the very least Caesar will show up again.

One Piece Chapter 882 - Big Mom Pirates

So the Fishman Pirates are still around? They really do love Jinbe

Now that Big Mom knows the Straw Hat Pirates are alive, the climatic moment will surely eventuate when Sanji and Co. meet up with Nami and Co. with the cake ready. Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon’s cake will knock Big Mom out, Luffy will appear having defeated Katakuri, Bege will arrive to back Chiffon up (Bege has impressed me as to the kind of husband and father he is), the Germa 66 will express the terror of their name onto the Big Mom Pirates, Pudding will reveal her allegiances and intention to leave Whole Cake Island to travel with Chiffon, the Fishman Pirates will be revealed to be the ones messing with the Big Mom Pirate’s sea slug transmitters, Caesar will be shown running into Judge and possibly joining the Germa 66 and surely somewhere within the Tottaland, an injured Pedro will be shown recuperating. The Big Mom Pirates have underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates one too many times and even though Baron Tamago and Katakuri have now realised the danger of the Straw Hat Pirates, it is too late. The Big Mom Pirates will fall just as the past antagonist have, spectacularly. Really looking forward to the next chapter the climax of the arc.



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