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One Piece Chapter 880 – Attack Cooking

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One Piece chapter 880 - Attack Cooking

It’s time for Sanji to shine! Bake a cake that will render Big Mom unconscious!

When the situation calls for it, Pudding can be quite resourceful. To think the benefit Big Mom could have received from Pudding if only she respected Pudding and treated her the same as her other children. Instead Big Mom directly limited what Pudding could achieve through the application of her power by denying Pudding the freedom to be herself i.e. to utilise her analytical mind in conjunction with her Devil Fruit. Thankfully, it is because of the treatment Pudding received from her family that we now have Pudding assisting the Straw Hat Pirates against Big Mom. We also get the adorable reactions by Pudding in response to the actions and statements from Sanji.

Ah, how wrong I was about Pudding with my initial assessment of her. I completely misjudged her. Beneath her antagonistic personality resided a fractured heart longing to be accepted. As cruel as she portrayed herself initially, she is extremely pure and kind-hearted, especially now that she has found people who have accepted her for who she is instead of judging her for “what” she is. It is liberating to witness a character embraced in negativity able to grow for the better once realising that beyond the darkness impairing their perception, there is a world overflowing with positivity and possibility.

One Piece chapter 880 - Pudding

Wow, she is cute

Pudding did not have to go out of her way to assemble Chiffon and Sanji to assist with the cake making process but she has. Pudding has become aware of what she has done and what she needs to do and has drawn out the courage to see what needs to be done, happen. Unlike when she was Big Mom’s tool, she is now motivated by her own desires and heart. Once the Straw Hat Pirates escape from Big Mom’s territory, Pudding will be a large reason as to why.

Sanji is finally getting a moment to showcase his skills as a chef. Both Chiffon and the Wholecake Island chefs have already realised how vast Sanji’s skills are through his analysis of the cake’s ingredients by just its smell and the perfect illustration of the wedding cake after just one encounter which they are now using as a blueprint for the recipe. Against capable New World chefs it is good to see how Sanji’s skills stack up – Zeff would be proud.

One Piece chapter 880 - Sanji and Pudding

I love this dynamic

While Sanji has been out of focus battle-wise within the manga for a while, I don’t particular mind as the coverage Sanji has been getting in regards to healing the hearts of guarded maidens has been endearingly enjoyable to see. From Violet aka Princess Viola who came to open up her heart as a result of Sanji’s honest “affection” to now Pudding whose antagonistic mask has broken away with the acceptance from Sanji. He has helped save them from a darkness slowly entrapping them and in turn they have come to accept Sanji for who he is, perversion and all. I don’t believe Sanji realises how much Violet and Pudding have come to appreciate him but for them to put their lives on the line to assist the Straw Hat Pirates, they must really care for him. It will be a shame to see Pudding part ways with Sanji at the end of this arc to go on a journey to find Lola but hopefully, they will meet again.

Luffy, he is seriously being overwhelmed by Katakuri and now with Brulee awake and a mirror doorway open to the Thousand Sunny, things really look bad for the Straw Hat Pirates. The remaining mirrors on-board will have to be destroyed which will cut off Luffy’s return exit but it will ensure that Katakuri and the army currently within the Mirror World stay there. Luffy has yet to utilise Gear Fourth against Katakuri which at this point remains his final trump card against Katakuri. Once the mirrors on-board the Thousand Sunny are destroyed and Luffy is able to fully focus on Katakuri, he will at that point unleash his Gear Fourth. Gear Fourth disposed of Doflamingo and Cracker so it should have some effect against Katakuri who I don’t believe will be able to replicate that form. If Luffy does go Gear Fourth, he will need to make sure he finishes Katakuri off in that form otherwise in his weakened state, he won’t be able to last long against Katakuri alone.

Big Mom, stop being so overpowered…I can see why the government fears the Yonkou so much. They have such potential for destruction when angered. In order to completely annihilate the Straw Hat Pirates, Big Mom has shared some of her soul with the sea and has created a giant wave that she can control. With a Tsunami now heading the Straw Hat Pirates way, who will arrive to save them? Or how will they act to stop the wave? Will the wave be frozen? Will it be cut? Will Bege arrive to save them? Will the Germa 66 arrive to save them? Will another third arrive to stop the wave? Can Nami trick it with some delicious salt the same way she managed to confuse Zeus? Very much looking forward to the next chapter?

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