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One Piece 876 – Coincidental Appearance

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One Piece chapter 876 - Pudding's fractured personality 2

That was so tsundere

Well snap, I think Pudding has coincidentally become my favourite character of the arc now. Her fractured psyche, while a result of a terrible and traumatic past, has painted her such a fascinating character. Pudding was conditioned to hate herself, to believe that she herself was a monster fated to lie and deceive, but now that someone has accepted her for who she is, her mind has been left reeling with the sudden shift in emotions. As a result Pudding has lost control over how she expresses herself subconsciously masking her gratitude behind her dark and condescending dialog. Pudding means well but at the moment she just can’t handle the immense amount of positivity overwhelming her.


Big Mom, what the hell is even driving her? Is it really just her hunger? One does not just tank a bunch of lightning and walk straight through the earth back to the surface without massively fatiguing yourself. Surely her body must be feeling the effects of her current actions even if her mind is not in a state to register the pain and fatigue. When Big Mom regains her senses surely the strain she is currently putting on her body will force her into a state of immobility. Additionally, the overload to her senses from the deliciousness of the Wedding Cake should cause her fatigued self to burn out quicker. It the Straw Hat Pirates want to escape, they will need to satisfy Big Mom’s request for a Wedding Cake.

One Piece chapter 876 - Pudding and Sanji

Sanji really did shatter the walls surrounding her heart

Chiffon’s comments about Big Mom letting them go if Big Mom eats the Wedding Cake is an interesting one. Once Big Mom comes back to her senses, would she really want to let the Straw Hat Pirates escape given what they have done already to mess up her carefully laid out plans. Big Mom has lost the Germa, her Castle has been destroyed, one of the her Commanders has been defeated, Capone has betrayed her, Caesar has been freed from her and Luffy has directly challenged her several times. Additionally, Brûlée will advise Big Mom about the Poneglyph imprints and Straw Hat Pirates possessing a copy of the Road Poneglyph. I don’t see Big Mom forgiving the Straw Hat Pirates even if they satisfy her request, too much damage has been done by them. Big Mom will have to faint when she eats the Wedding Cake to take her out from the escape equation.

One Piece chapter 876 - Pudding's fractured personality

Oh Pudding…

Pudding was quite badass assisting the Straw Hat Pirates from being lost within the Seducing Forest by utilising her Memo Memo no Mi. Aside from Interrogation and Memory wipe, her Devil Fruit does have practical uses within combat. By invoking certain memories within her opponent, she can change the flow of the battle by confusing them. What will be interesting is whether her Devil Fruit has any abilities that directly deal damage to her target. I doubt we will find out anytime soon unless Pudding will have to fight to get the spare ingredients from Chocolatown to bake the cake.

I honestly did not expect to become so interested in Pudding’s character after what happened in the first half of the arc. Very much looking forward to Sanji and Pudding working together to bake a cake.


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