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One Piece chapter 875 - Jinbe commanding the team

One Piece Chapter 875 – Escaping Big Mom II

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One Piece chapter 875 - Nami releasing Zeus's lightning

That was amazing!

To manipulate an aspect of Big Mom’s soul manifested into a cloud, Nami is certainly establishing herself as one who is able to take advantage of a situation to its fullest. Given Nami having a certain level of control over the weather with her Tempo’s I expected her to have a moment to shift the momentum but to have her completely enthrall Zeus and immobilize Big Mom, even if temporarily, she not only shifted the momentum but carved out a path onto which the Straw Hat Pirates and allies can turn their whole situation around and escape. Once again One Piece proves that power levels aren’t necessarily the determining factor is a character’s strength, instead it is how they exploit the vulnerabilities of their opponent. With Pudding and Chiffon now on their way, it is only a matter of time before they manage to calm Big Mom down.

With Nami utilising Big Mom’s power against her, the Big Mom Pirates waiting for them on the Thousand Sunny have been completely enchanted by own conceit and arrogance. None of them expected Zeus to be used against Big Mom and with Zeus discharging his lightning, they all believe Big Mom used Zeus to finish of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Seducing Forest. Unbeknownst to them, the Straw Hat Pirates are still on their way back to the Thousand Sunny. I’m loving the current set-up and can’t wait to see the shocked faces on Katakuri and Perospero when Luffy and Co. arrive at the Sunny.

One Piece chapter 875 - Jinbe commanding the team


Before that though, I wonder what Brook and Chopper will do to buy themselves some time before the rest of the crew arrive. Could they survive against Katakuri who has developed his Kenbunshoku Haki to the point of glimpsing a few seconds into the future? Well the Straw Hat Pirates have shown themselves as very resourceful, so I’m sure Brook and Chopper will figure something out. Once comment Chopper made when traveling in the Shark-sub underwater to the Thousand Sunny is the one he dropped about a guy fishing. Was there someone underwater fishing? Or Was Chopper referring to the Merman? Would be interesting if a mysterious third party joined the fray.

Jinbe has taken on a Commander type of role where he is using his numerous years of experience to ensure the rest of the crew and allies make it out of Big Mom’s territory alive. Jinbe knows fighting Big Mom is wasted energy and has advised the crew to stay together and focus on escaping. Jinbe’s inclusion within the crew has filled a gaping hole the Straw Hat Pirates have lacked throughout the story that has become glaring obvious with them entering the New World. Looking forward to seeing how Oda-sensei handles Jinbe in the future.

One Piece chapter 875 - Pudding

Pudding has fallen for Sanji =D

Pudding has really taken a liking to Sanji and those emotions have helped break her free from the confines of her own darkness. Pudding used to hate her third eye but now she has begun to love herself wholly which in turn has empowered her towards making the decision to stop Big Mom and to save the Straw Hat Pirates. While all the bad things Pudding has done does not disappear there is meaning in her now deciding on a different path to move forward on. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Pudding and Sanji interact.

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