One Piece Chapter 872 – The Fall Of Wholecake Chateau

One Piece chapter 872 - Wholecake Chateau falls

I really thought the castle was already made out of cake =P

The Tamatebako explosion has damaged the base of Wholecake Chateau causing it to collapse towards the town. In order to save the Big Mom Pirates, Streusen utilises his Devil Fruit ability to change the Wholecake Chateau into cream and sponge ultimately negating the damage the Big Mom Pirates and the citizens would have received from the fall of the Chateau. Having become such a relevant character recently, Streusen’s story will most definitely have a hand in Big Mom’s eventual defeat. Big Mom herself will also likely assist in her own demise as a result of her rage mode. Could Big Mom go so far as eating one of her children while in that state – she has eaten people before while in a frenzied state?

Streusen knows about what happened with Mother Caramel and since meeting Linlin, he has kept that truth hidden. Without a doubt the truth will be revealed at some point and at that time when Big Mom finds out, she will lose it. If that knowledge is destined to assist the Straw Hat Pirates in defeating Big Mom, then the truth will need to be revealed to Big Mom before she is defeated. At the moment Big Mom is in an incredibly sensitive state with her mentally unable to process the loss of her cake, the destruction of her Chateau, the betrayal of Capone Bege, the betrayal of Caesar and the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates. If she were to learn that she was the one who killed Mother Caramel and her friends, she would be mentally destroyed.

One Piece chapter 872 - Big Mom enters are frenzied state

What an unstable personality…

With Big Mom bursting with rage, no body is safe. Not the citizens of Wholecake Island, not her crew and not even her own family. Muscat tried earlier to stop Big Mom while she was rampaging and that resulted in Muscat having his “life” stolen. Will Luffy be forced to fight Big Mom when he sees her attacking her crew and family? Luffy despises such things and he has gone out of his way in the past to stop similar incidents. Or will Luffy use that opportunity to escape Wholecake Island with the rest of his crew?

The revelation of Mother Caramel’s fate could cause Big Mom to rage further or it could help disperse her rage or both if she were to rage so much it overwhelms her completely. The curious aspect about Mother Caramel’s story is whether the truth will be revealed in the current arc or whether Oda-sensei is saving the conclusion of this story for a future arc. It seems like it would make more sense to deal with Mother Caramel’s story within the Wholecake Island Arc given its direct relevance but Oda-sensei has introduced sub-stories within arcs in the past that he developed on much later in future arcs. It worked those times so it is worthwhile considering the possibility of Mother Caramel and Big Mom’s story being postponed for a future arc where the matter becomes relevant again, such as the inevitable Elbaf Island Arc.

One Piece chapter 872 - Caesar gets his heart back

Is Caesar really free?

I am surprised Capone gave Caesar his heart back and the Straw Hat Pirates allowed Caesar to leave. Sure they had a deal but were they not concerned about Caesar kidnapping more children in the future and carrying out experiments on them? Or is there some force in place that will guide Caesar back into the Straw Hat Pirates care? Misfortune surrounds Caesar like his very gas. This may not be the end for our lovable villainous fool. I wonder if there is any chance of Caesar and Buggy meeting =/.

With Big Mom now in her frenzied state over the loss of her cake which she was intensely looking forward to tasting, how will this affect the remainder of the arc. Will it weaken the Big Mom Pirates buying Luffy and Co. the necessary moment they need to escape or will Luffy be forced to battle Big Mom once she enters her raging rampage? Since the cake cannot be easily remade, I don’t believe Big Mom can be calmed down so easily. If Luffy wishes to stop Big Mom, he will have to defeat her. But they could just let her rampage and escape Big Mom’s territory O.o. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One Piece chapter 872 - colour spread

I miss you Zoro…

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