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[Analysis] One Piece – The Significance Of The Tamatebako

One Piece chapter 652 - The Tamatebako contents

That’s one way to deter the thieves – booby trap the treasures

With the Totto Land Arc entering it’s climax as the Straw Hat Pirates and allies face off against the Big Mom Pirates, it is only a matter of time before the Tamatebako that was introduced back during the Fishman Island Arc fulfills its purpose. It seems unlikely that the opening of the Tamatebako would be held off for a future arc given the focus it received throughout the Totto Land Arc and with Big Mom’s defeat seeming inevitably set for the conclusion of this arc. Additionally, the Tamatebako has been tied directly with Big Mom since the Fishman Island Arc when the Big Mom Pirates acquired it and with this arc dealing predominantly with Big Mom and her defeat, the Tamatebako’s purpose will be revealed during this arc. With that in mind, the opening of the Tamatebako will serve as the event needed to weaken Big Mom and provide Luffy with the opportunity he requires to defeat her.

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One Piece Chapter 870 – In Order To Escape

One Piece chapter 870 - Luffy and Sanji make their stand

Hell yeah, I was hoping this would happen!

Regardless of how irrational Sanji and Luffy’s decision were, it was the right decision, it felt right, it felt more than right, it felt amazing. With the Big Mom Pirates overwhelming the alliance and seemingly under the delusion that they hold a place of superiority over their enemies, it was hard not to feel the desire to want the Straw Hat Pirates to cut loose and release themselves, bringing ruin to yet another Colossal powerhouse within the world. It is not the Straw Hat Pirates who are underestimating the Big Mom Pirates but the Big Mom Pirates who are underestimating the Straw Hat Pirates, hence why they thought they had every right and power to ‘abduct’ Sanji away from the rest of the crew on Zou without any repercussions. Luffy and Sanji now intend to convey how wrong the Big Mom Pirates were.

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