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One Piece Chapter 869 – “Assemble” GERMA 66

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One Piece chapter 869 - Germa 66

From the flames of destruction and the embers of villainy, they arise! GERMA 66!

From bad to worse, the situation is just compounding in problems with Big Mom returning to her senses seething with rage towards the Straw Hat Pirates and the betrayal of Capone Bege. The Big Mom Assassination Plan has failed and as a result of Perospero and Katakuri, Capone’s Big Father castle is immobilized and unable to attack. With Big Mom attacking it, it is only a matter of time before Capone wears out and the castle disappears. With the Straw Hats Pirates outgunned and the Big Mom Pirates on the hunt for them, what final cards do the Straw Hat Pirates and allies have left to play that can salvage the situation and save them from their current misfortune? How will the Germa get their revenge? And how exactly will the Tamatebako come into play?

Finally we get to see the Germa 66 in action together and this time not as the antagonist but as a faction working against the arc villains, the Big Mom Pirates. With the Germa 66 betrayed and targeted by the Big Mom Pirates for death, any sort of deal they had with Big Mom is now void. And as a result, they are indirectly forced to work with the Straw Hat Pirates to stop Big Mom from having her way. Thanks to what Sanji and Co. did, I believe Judge feels indebted towards Sanji for seeing what he could not and saving the Germa i.e. his dream. Their coverage this chapter as they suit up and attack the Big Mom Pirates is the first time they looked like a family with a common goal driving the each of them. Their transformations should be a spectacle to see once animated.

One Piece chapter 869 - Germa 66 VS The Big Mom Pirates

It feels good seeing the Big Mom Pirates get beaten

With the Straw Hat Pirates options limited, we may finally get the Big Mom VS Luffy match-up, not to mention Sanji and Jinbe being highlighted in battle against Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders. Surely this should happen as I fail to see an additional arc being dedicated to the Big Mom Pirates. So much time and effort has already gone into building up the Big Mom Pirates within this arc and the setting it takes place in that extending their focus into an additional arc without providing an adequate conclusion would seem like a waste that cheapens both this arc and that additional arc. Big Mom’s story as an antagonist within this arc needs a proper conclusion, one that finalises the threat Big Mom serves as rival towards the Straw Hat Pirates. This is especially the case now that a significant aspect of Linlin’s past has been revealed. A past that reveals the basis behind her dream, current actions and desire to enlarge everyone. It is thanks to Mother Caramel that Linlin desires a country of diversity.

One Piece chapter 869 - Sanji catches Nami

What are you thinking pudding?

Pudding, I noticed her reaction to Sanji catching Nami, it seemed like an air of envy was surrounding Pudding as if she is finally starting to realize what exactly it is that she really wants, one of which is being in the company of those who care about you unconditionally. What Pudding most likely deemed as a dream or impossible is what she is now witnessing through Sanji and his defiance against his “fate” and her mother, Big Mom. I am very curious to find out whether Pudding entered Capone’s castle with Sanji or whether she is outside with the rest of her family. If it is the latter, I wonder if Pudding will utilize her ability to peak inside Streusen’s memories and uncover the truth about what happened on the day Mother Caramel disappeared. Oda-sensei has begun redeeming Pudding and given the current situation, in order to reach that end, Pudding will have to do something that assist the Straw Hat Pirates in escaping the situation she herself had a direct hand in leading them into.

The Tamatebako

One Piece chapter 869 - the Tamatebako

Well the Tamatebako has been unsealed….when will the fireworks begin?

I’ve noted it repeatedly in the past that it will be the Tamatebako that opens up the door necessary for Luffy to defeat Big Mom. The contents of explosions within the chest will definitely serve a key role in turning the tables on the Big Mom Pirates. The one complication now is that the chest is currently being coveted by the Black Market King, Du Feld, which he has now dropped from the roof of the castle. With the Tamatebako so far away from the Big Mom and her crew, how could it still come into use to assist the Straw Hat Pirates in turning the tide of battle? One possibility is it exploding at the bottom of the tower causing it collapse and harm the Big Mom Pirates, especially with the Tamatebako having been unsealed by Du Feld. With the Straw Hat Pirates and allies within Capone’s castle, I can see them being protected from injury as the tower collapses. If Big Mom does take damage from the collapse, Luffy will have his opportunity to defeat her.

On the other hand, it the situation remains as it is, what else could happen to turn the situation on its head? How else could the Tamatebako come into play? Could the Tamatebako explosion cause the creatures and prisoners entrapped within Big Mom’s library and prison to escape? Fire cancels out Mont-d’Or’s ability which is exactly what the Tamatebako explosion will create. It definitely would be interesting if both the Tower was destroyed and the prisoners within the library and prison freed. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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