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One Piece Chapter 869 – “Assemble” GERMA 66

One Piece chapter 869 - Germa 66

From the flames of destruction and the embers of villainy, they arise! GERMA 66!

From bad to worse, the situation is just compounding in problems with Big Mom returning to her senses seething with rage towards the Straw Hat Pirates and the betrayal of Capone Bege. The Big Mom Assassination Plan has failed and as a result of Perospero and Katakuri, Capone’s Big Father castle is immobilized and unable to attack. With Big Mom attacking it, it is only a matter of time before Capone wears out and the castle disappears. With the Straw Hats Pirates outgunned and the Big Mom Pirates on the hunt for them, what final cards do the Straw Hat Pirates and allies have left to play that can salvage the situation and save them from their current misfortune? How will the Germa get their revenge? And how exactly will the Tamatebako come into play?

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