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One Piece Chapter 864-867 – Mother Caramel And Big Mom

One Piece chapter 865 - Big Mom rages

It has begun…

We finally get some back story on Linlin and her time with Mother Caramel whom she cherishes deeply. Even as a child Linlin was indifferent to the harm she caused others, oblivious to the damage she could cause. I get that she was young and still learning about life, society and the way of the world but the aspect of oneself that questions our actions and draws a line between right and wrong, that aspect seems to be completely missing from Linlin. Overarching her whole personality was a disconnect from her emotions, especially in terms of adjusting ones actions to the perceived societal norms. The only emotions Linlin knew to convey were reactionary ones central to a child – anger and want. Consequence is a concept foreign to Linlin and all she knows is that she needs what she wants.

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