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White Island (Mobile Game) Review

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VisualShower - White Island

White Island – A Flower Unto Death

When a group of university students heads to a remote Island in search of their Professor who journeyed there for his studies, they find themselves caught in the cross hairs of a killer. One determined to ensure none make it off the Island alive. And deeper underneath is a conspiracy relating to a global company with effects extending throughout the world. And even further beyond that is the story of how all of this began. A story filled with tragedy, deceit and characters looking to escape the fate engulfing the freedom they desperately seek.

Engaging, thrilling, compelling, interesting, refreshing; White Island is that and so much more. Right from the start you are drawn in by its grim setting and mysterious circumstances. They confuse yet intrigue you subsequently compelling you to wonder what really is going on. Curiosity beckons your attention and the revelations of mysteries revealing larger mysteries excites your imagination. Soon enough you are cast into its world engrossed by the characters, story, puzzles, setting, music and style of narration.

Whenever you feel ‘just maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel’, the story twist in unexpected ways further enhancing your curiosity over the events driving the story. The uncertainty of what will happen adds to the intensity creeping around at the back of your mind. You cycle through possible outcomes and utilise the fragmented information on hand to construct full images of what is happening yet despite that you still find yourself left in awe and shock as the story progresses.

The characters are an integral part of the mystery, serving to highlight the chaotic undertones with their tragedy and the potential for justice with their struggles. Desperately and powerfully, the characters attempt to escape their misfortune yet ultimately find themselves engulfed by the darkness of circumstance. Inevitably their fates transform them defining their very outlook on life and the world in general. And it is through this distortion and reality they find themselves cast into that they begin to realise the shadow operating behind the scenes. A shadow unconcerned about the value of human life and people in general.

VisualShower - White Island - poster 3

The wait for each new episode to be released will be agonising yet exciting

The connections between the characters established through the story and their tragedies create a foundation for the story’s mysteries to be developed upon. Alongside the characters, the manner in which the characters stories are presented in help to further define the personality of White Island. All of the main characters are relevant and White Island has an intricate way of linking each characters story throughout the chapters. And it is because of those connections established between the characters during the story that a foundation for the story’s mysteries to be developed upon is created. In a sense White Island tells its story in a partly unconventional format yet it works and it fascinates. The moment I realised how White Island chose to present its story, I found myself intrigued and excited at the potential.

Currently the season 1 story is complete with season 2 seven chapters in. While White Island is technically free, once you complete a chapter, you will have to wait 3-7 days for the next chapter to be unlocked unless you spend the in-game currency (Manda) to unlock the chapter immediately or buy a season pass which will unlock all the season chapters. I initially began the game with the intention to wait for each chapter to be unlocked but after having become so engrossed and enthralled by White Island, I had no issue making the decision to support VisualShower by buying the season 1 and 2 season pass.

I was looking for good mobile game to play to pass the time and what I found was not only a great mobile game but a great game in general. White Island boast a compelling story backed by a defined cast that captivates your attention spectacularly. Many hours of fun were spent on White Island and I look forward to the future chapters coming out. I definitely recommend White Island for those looking for a story to get lost in.

Enjoyment Level: 9.5/10

One thought on “White Island (Mobile Game) Review

  1. Not much of a gamer, but this sound interesting. The fact that it’s available for mobile is tempting me to try it, as I often find it easier to have a quick play always available in my pockets, lol. I was seriously looking for a good mobile game.

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