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One Piece Chapter 863 – Jinbe’s Resolve

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One Piece Chapter 863 - Jinbe's resolve

Not even an ounce of fear!

Confronted by a Yonkou, a reasonable man would cower and flee yet the Straw Hat Pirates are filled with unreasonable people and those sharing similar qualities radiate towards them. Jinbe shares in the same conviction as the Straw Hat Pirates and with the might and rage of Big Mom directed towards him, he shows zero hesitation, fear and regret. Jinbe’s resolve has completely nullified Big Mom’s soul sucking ability relative to himself. This must be a rare for Big Mom, to have someone unafraid of her. Jinbe has finally cut his ties with the Big Mom Pirates and has expressed his intentions to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

It never gets old seeing characters who enter into an alliance with Luffy become shocked by Luffy’s complete lack of judgment. Whenever someone expects something of Luffy, he has a way of making those people choke on their expectation. Only Luffy would answer Big Mom’s question and reveal which of the Luffy’s is the real him. Ironically though, it is because of this that Big Mom and Katakuri completely forgot about Mother Caramel’s photo. Big Mom was tunnel-visioned by her rage at Luffy and Katakuri couldn’t focus on Mother Caramel’s photo because he was too concerned with Luffy and Jinbe.

One Piece Chapter 863 - Brook breaks Mother Caramel's photo

Nice one Brook!

Thanks to the Luffy and Jinbe attracting all the attention to themselves, an opportunity opened up for Brook to deal another devastating blow to the Big Mom Pirates. It is hilarious how a dead man is causing so much trouble for the Big Mom Pirates. First having stolen imprints of the Poneglyphs and now breaking Mother Caramel’s photo. I love how the commentary questioned who the “Luffy” was after the characteristic “yohoho!” laugh. It made the realisation of Brook’s subtlety that much more hilarious. I love you Soul King!

With Jinbe aware of Katakuri’s weakness and having the means to exploit it, I doubt we will a Jinbe VS Katakuri match-up as it would be too one-sided (in Jinbe’s favour). Instead Jinbe may be more equally challenged by Smoothie. I am still confident that the one to take on Katakuri will be Sanji, especially after Sanji displayed the ability to read Katakuri who can see slightly into the future. The battle of Kenbunshoku Haki’s would definitely be exciting and relevant to Sanji in displaying his growth. Plus, Zoro has had the opportunity to take on a Logia, so to keep the balance between the two characters, it seems fitting for Sanji to have the opportunity to take on a Logia himself.

One Piece Chapter 863 - Jinbe announcing his intention to join the Straw Hat Pirates

Finally, the moment for Jinbe to join is closing in!

Jinbe has publicly announced his intention to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Coupled with the event currently ongoing that will lead to the Big Mom Pirates defeat, the Straw Hat Pirates are going to skyrocket in status within the New World and finally be targeted by the big names sailing within the New World – namely the World Government, Marines and remaining Yonko. What the Straw Hat Pirates are accomplishing is a complete defiance to the current order and hierarchy of the New World reality and you can be sure that they will be those that aren’t pleased by their disregard to power. The Straw Hat Pirates do not believe that they have to subject themselves to a stronger power to survive in the New World, instead they are carving out a place for themselves in the New World. And for those that get in their way, they end up as messages for the other parties underestimating them. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Happy 20th Anniversary One Piece and Oda-sensei. Love the colour page:

One Piece Chapter 863 - 20th Anniversary Cover

All the One Piece characters appear in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of One Piece

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