One Piece Chapter 862 – The Kindness Of Sanji

One Piece chapter 862 - Luffy clones

If this is something Luffy came up with, it is genius…

What an unexpected development yet something so characteristic of the Straw Hat Pirates i.e. Sanji. I am glad my own perception of Pudding was able to be humbled by the truth/trauma hidden behind her nastiness and deceit. I was passionate about Pudding’s duplicity yet after that flashback and getting an idea of the suffering Pudding endured that led her to wrap herself in such an antagonistic personality, I can finally understand why she acts the way she does. It was a psychological defensive mechanism born from the pain, anger and heartbreak of her treatment by her family. Pudding was a victim of others ignorance and as a result she came to develop an emotionless outlook on life.

Because of Pudding’s three eyes, she was shunned by her family and made to feel inadequate. At an age when all she wanted was to fit in, she came to despise her treatment and her third eye. Pudding’s treatment by her family in the past scarred her and twisted her perceptions of both the world and herself. Pudding grew cruel to tough out the belittling and hid her third eye behind her bangs because of the hate the rest of her family had for it. In turn that hate reflected back off on her and made her feel ‘different’. She began to fear an aspect of her own self and even accepted how her family viewed her as reality becoming the ‘monster’ they saw in her. Sanji is the first person to have ever acknowledged Pudding’s third eye as being something beautiful. Stunned and taken aback, Pudding could do little but fall to the floor on her knees and reflect back on what she thought was a despicable part of herself. Having been convinced that her third eye and herself by extension were ugly, Sanji’s comment really threw Pudding and left her in a state of shock. In this moment, all the pain pent-up inside her has come gushing out with the prospect that she may not be the freak her family believes she is.

One Piece chapter 862 - Sanji and Pudding

Broken down by the radiance of kindness

Big Mom’s plan had no chance of succeeding once it was revealed but it has been completely unraveled before it even began thanks to Sanji’s kindness. By going against all that Pudding was led to believe about her third eye, Sanji has effectively immobilized the hatred within Pudding that Big Mom intended to have directed at the Straw Hat Pirates. Ironically, this is the second time Big Mom’s plans have been foiled near the end thanks to one of her daughters and the decisions they made – first Lola, now Pudding. By failing to carry out her part and the plan inevitably on track to failing, Pudding will most likely become the target of Big Mom’s blame. I doubt Pudding has the option of remaining with Big Mom anymore, lest she wishes to incur the [ignorant] wrath of Big Mom. If Big Mom is not defeated, Pudding will have to leave and she will likely end up becoming an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. I believe she will travel with the Germa as there is potential for Reiju and herself to bond. Plus, I am sure after this, Pudding will become a fan of Sanji as well.

One Piece chapter 862 - Pudding's past

She was misjudged by the ignorance of fools

Luffy, I knew he would target the cake (a very impressive cake) for his entrance, but to have clones prepared by Brûlée to completely demolish that building-sized-cake in matter of bites, I was completely not expecting that. The chaos has been multiplied and now those ‘comical’/’stupid’ faces of Luffy destroying Big Mom’s long-sought-after cake and very dreams will be burned inside her brain. This is a moment Big Mom will never forget; the moment that will both haunt and enrage her. It is unbelievable, it is awesome, it is ridiculous and above all, it is so like Luffy. Big Mom’s expression as she tries to rationalise what is happening was priceless – utter shock, horror and dread. I can’t wait to see what Big Mom does when the gravity of the situation finally sinks in and she realises that Luffy is targeting Mother Caramel’s photo. She has been outplayed and has made an enemy of the wrong pirate.

Even after everything Sanji heard Pudding say about him, even after he was brought to tears at what she said, he still kept an open heart and remained a true gentleman to her. What a guy. Reiju is right, Sanji is kinder than anyone. And now that we know some of Pudding’s past, Sanji and her have more in common than they both realise. Both were hated and bullied by their family and both are being used by their families in this marriage. Like Pudding, Sanji was shackled his father’s (mother’s in Pudding case) expectation and within that prison, his dream to pursue the depths of cooking were unattainable. Reiju saved him and thanks to Zeff, his fellow chefs and the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji was able to accept himself and embrace his love for cooking. Can he now do the same for Pudding? Pudding was thinking about Lola earlier in this arc and now that we know the treatment Pudding received in the past, this could be because Pudding envied the courage Lola displayed to pursue her own fate. With Sanji healing Pudding’s heart and making her aware that she is beautiful, will Pudding build up the same courage as Lola to go out in the world to make her own fate and pursue her own dreams? Whatever happens, it should be exciting to see what happens.

One Piece chapter 862 - Sanji's dodges Katakuri's shot

Sanji definitely saw that shot coming with his Haki

I love how Sanji dodged Katakuri’s attack that was launched because Katakuri foresaw Sanji dodging the Priest’s attack. Despite Katakuri’s Kenbunshoku Haki allowing him to see slightly ahead into the future, Sanji was still able to stay one step ahead. Sanji specialises in Kenbunshoku Haki and by Sanji dodging Katakuri’s attack whom can see slightly ahead into the future, we can get an idea of how developed Sanji’s Kenbunshoku Haki has become. Sanji’s reaction and Katakuri’s shock at his attack being dodged suggests that Sanji’s Kenbunshoku Haki is at a level that not even Katakuri can see. Sanji didn’t just dodge the jellybean bullet, he knew it was coming, hence Sanji glaring at Katakuri once the shot was fired. Katakuri may have a 1,057,000,000 belly bounty but I still think Sanji can take him.

Now that the Big Mom Pirates have been exposed and their suspicious actions have been made aware by the Germa, what exactly will they do? How will they react once Mother Caramel’s photo is broken and Big Mom begins to rage? Will they even be able to? What about the Germa, I don’t see Judge sitting idly once he realises that he has been betrayed by Big Mom. Can’t wait for the next chapter, very much looking forward to the unbelievable scenes continuing!

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