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One Piece chapter 862 - Sanji and Pudding

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One Piece Chapter 862 – The Kindness Of Sanji

One Piece chapter 862 - Sanji and Pudding

The uniqueness of Pudding

What an unexpected development yet something so characteristic of the Straw Hat Pirates i.e. Sanji. I am glad my own perception of Pudding was able to be humbled by the truth/trauma hidden behind her nastiness and deceit. I was passionate about Pudding’s duplicity yet after that flashback and getting an idea of the suffering Pudding endured that led her to wrap herself in such an antagonistic personality, I can finally understand why she acts the way she does. It was a psychological defensive mechanism born from the pain, anger and heartbreak of her treatment by her family. Pudding was a victim of others ignorance and as a result she came to develop an emotionless outlook on life.

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